End Citizens United Fighting for Reforms

During the campaign time in America, politicians and other donors spend an unlimited and untraceable amount of money. However, End Citizens United believes there should be a level of accountability. They believe the use of the strong financial muscle by business magnates with an aim of tipping the political power in their favor is not right. Therefore, End Citizens United seeks to reform the campaign expenditure in order to monitor any expenditure that is not meant for the good. The reformist group is seeking to increase momentum of the idea of cutting down on the campaign expenditure in order to make the lawmakers take action. This is because they believe billionaires use their money to buy election victory.

Mission Statement

The focus of the reformist movement is to combat the use of financial muscle to rig elections. It also seeks to elect people who are passionate about the campaign expenditure. The reformists who will be elected to fight the dark money will also help to end the unlimited money in the political culture of America. They will also put the issue of big money during elections as a national issue. The movement has been supporting the Democrats who are passionate about reviewing the way politicians and donors spend money during campaigns. This is because they believe the political campaigns that are surrounded by unlimited use of money, end up influencing the outcome of the elections. The focus of the movement is also to emphasize on political spending.

Making the Name a Reality

The focus of End Citizens United is to reserve a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The decision gave a clean bill of health to political donors and other rich politicians to bring the issue of dark money. The number of people in the movement has grown to 325,000. It has also seen a great growth in the number of people who have signed up in their email list. This is because over 4 million people have registered. This will help them to reach out to people who are potential liberal supporters and get grass root support. The movement has also been making its name a realty by announcing that it has endorsed 11 candidates in the Democratic Party.

The focus of End Citizens United is to end dark-money groups. In relation to this plan, the movement seeks to have an independent expenditure arm. The purpose of the arm will be to follow up on the expenditure on television ads, polling and direct mailers. Political experts have commented that the work of End Citizens United is commendable. This is because the pressure it mounts on the Supreme Court makes it easy for the legal arm not to make worse decisions in future.

Todd Lubar Knows Communication is Key to Business Success:

Todd Lubar is one bright business entrepreneur. Lubar knows that the key to business success lies in the fact that: communication is key. He has enjoyed a career of continual progression due to the fact he recognizes the importance of a strong business alliance with other participants within the industry. It is witnessed, throughout Todd’s successful career, as businessman and mortgage originator. Lubar recognized, early on, the importance of building a resource team of outside professionals, in order to effect proper business goals. It goes without saying: when proper communication is not an element; the entire business scheme falls apart quickly–however, such a scenario never happened in “Lubar’s camp.” The following text provides the reader with the successful specifics of Lubar’s career in real estate, mortgage lending and business–in general.

The Sidwell and Peddie School Years: Todd attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC during 1977 to 1987. When Todd matriculated to high school, he advanced to the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Both schools are superb private schools, with highly refined academic standards. In other words, most students consider it a privilege to attend either academic setting. Both educational opportunities, provided the young Lubar with a firm educational footing.

He next attended Syracuse University. In 1995, Todd had earned a B.A. Degree in Speech Communications.

Lubar, after graduating from the University, took a position with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked at Crestar Mortgage from 1995 to 1999. Todd: during his tenure at Crestar Mortgage, was able to solidly learn about the conventional marketplace, as it pertained to the Mortgage Loan Industry. To this day: Lubar finds the past experience, one that was highly rewarding and the perfect launch pad—in assuming a career as a loan provider. During his time at Crestar Mortgage, Todd acquired business relationships with CPAs, Insurance Representatives, Real Estate Professionals and other Banking Professionals.

During 1999, Lubar joined the team at Legacy Financial Group. During the time-period, this group was based out of Arlington Texas. Todd worked out of the Maryland location. He was able to produce one-hundred million dollars in loan volume for the year. He stayed with Legacy Financial Group until 2005.

In 2005, Todd assumed the role of Sr. V.P. with Charter Funding. During the time, Charter was a division of the First Magnus Corporation—based out of Arizona. He stayed with Charter from 2005 until August of 2007.

Since the lending industry, was going through somewhat of a transformation, Todd placed emphasis on Purchase Money Mortgage origination. He performed this mortgage lending activity, through a company known as Priority Financial Services. He, additionally, operated two ancillary companies: one involved in the demolition industry, and the other a recycling concern. He also at, one point, during the economic downturn, rehabbed and sold properties.

An award that Lubar is very proud is the fact he was listed on several occasions as “One of the Twenty-five Best Loan Orginators in the United States”.

Presently, He is President of TDL Ventures–based out of Bethesda, MD, reports richardpreisigjr.blogspot.com. He enjoys travel and time with his Children.

For more info, visit toddlubar.com.

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