Ryan Seacrest Knows How to Do Telivision

From his position with American Idol that has lasted well over a decade to his newest position with Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest knows what it’s like to try to branch out and do new things with television. He is one of the busiest men in Hollywood and he tries to always fulfill all the engagements he has. It isn’t always easy, but Ryan Seacrest is dedicated to his job. Since he’s in such high demand, GQ mentioned that Ryan Seacrest feels he has a chance to pick and choose which jobs he does the most. He wants people to understand he’s doing the best job possible and he’s making the job the easiest it can be. If he’s unable to satisfy any of the things he set out to do, it’s not on purpose. In fact, he pushes himself even harder to make sure he can help more people with these issues.

By the time Ryan Seacrest, a radio show host, started working with Kelly Ripa, people saw him as extremely popular. He is one of the top male celebrities and is almost always the first choice for a host for events. Ryan Seacrest knows what people want and isn’t afraid to make sure he can help them with different things. He has a lot of goals for himself and he always tries to make those a possibility. For Ryan Seacrest, things continue getting better when he takes on a new job or when he has to try things that will get harder for other people. He is also busy with his syndicated radio program called On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

As per hollywoodreporter.com, Ryan Seacrest believes he has to make the most out of all the situations he’s in. It’s his job to always put things forward for himself and for the people he tries to help. He believes he has a chance to show more people what they can get from different situations. By the time that Ryan Seacrest starts doing new jobs, people already know about it. Since he’s so popular, he feels good about giving everyone else a chance to see the other sides of him. Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) likes to make things better for people and uses his position as a host to do it.

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Penelope Kokkinides’ Quest for more funding for Healthcare in Puerto Rico

Penelope Kokkinides has played a vital role in ensuring the growth of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico. She works at the InnovaCare Health as the Chief Administration Officer. The company is tasked with providing health care services to the residents of Puerto Rico. The company employs the state-of-the-art technologies in their efforts to provide continuous services and affordable healthcare products to their customers. InnovaCare Health acts as the host to services that are categorized under the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Penelope Kokkinides has been working in the healthcare business for over two decades. She is an expert in the government-sponsored programs such as the Medicaid and Medicare.


Penelope Kokkinides has served on various management roles. At Centerlight Healthcare, she served as the Executive Vice President and as the Chief Operating Officer. Here, she was responsible for the coordination of strategy and general management of the managed care division. Before working at Centerlight Health, she worked at Touchstone as the Chief Operating Officer. At InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides serves as both the chief administrative officer and chief operating officer. As the company’s CAO, Penelope Kokkinides’ work is to provide the day-to-day management of the company. She does that through supervising all the operations of the company.


Penelope is a graduate of Binghamton University and holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. She later joined New York University where she got a master’s degree. Penelope Kokkinides also enrolled at Columbia University and received her Master in Public Health degree. She has worked hard to ensure that she uses her position to make sure the company meets its objectives. Her efforts and dedication have seen her meet with President Donald Trump. The meeting was held at the white house and she was there to discuss Puerto Rico’s healthcare.


Penelope Kokkinides was among the eight women invited in the panel. In the meeting, she advocated for more funding towards the Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico. She pointed out that increasing the funding will help in reaching out to more residents in Puerto Rico. Penelope insisted that the country was in dire need of more funds that would enable them to keep up with the healthcare trend that was almost becoming extinct. According to Penelope Kokkinides, if the healthcare systems in Puerto Rico failed, the residents would be forced to move to States in pursuit of reasonable Medicaid. She advocated for better pricing so that more residents can have access to better medical care.


Model Of Banking Excellence: Luiz Carlos Trabuco

With the need for leadership amongst some of the world’s most notable financial institutions there stands out a few examples of such. Allow me to introduce you to one such figure that stands out amongst a crowd of individuals in the banking profession, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

According to meioemensagem.com.br, Luiz Carlos Trabuco have a rather exceptional background in the realms of finance, education, and psychology. To say these are some modest achievements would be an injustice upon the character of such a phenomenal figure in the world today. Let’s take a look at his educational background and see just where does this man of honors come from. From being a graduate, Faculty of Philosophy, Science and letters, from the University of Sao Paulo, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco did not stop there, he received his post-graduate diploma and Social Psychology, School of sociology and politics, at Sao Paulo as well. In 1969, he joined Bradesco. Whereas in 1984 he became an officer. It should be obvious that his promotions will not stop there because in 2009 he became the Chief Executive Officer, such a highly sought-after position amongst all Executives in the world today. It should be noted that having a background in social psychology makes Mr Trabuco an exceptional figure when determining the needs of the community at large. Being able to utilize sociological skills he attained while attending university Mr. Trabuco has spearheaded one of the most invigorating banking institutions in the world today.

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Along with having such a magnanimous reputation within his own country, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also has a global influence as well. He is the president of the Council of Representatives and Executive Board of the National Confederation of Financial Institutions and be it noted that he is a full member of the Geneva Switzerland based Association International pour I’Etude de I’Economic de I’Assurance. His influence doesn’t stop there as he is also a notable member of The Forum Brazil and the United States which is organized by the Ministry of Industry, development and foreign trade. With such an impressive background it should not be hard to figure that Mr. Trabuco would be heavily relied on to lead the banking industry wherein his feet reside according to istoedinheiro.com.br. Be it known that there are many engagements, there are many institutions, and there are many flagships that can attest to the greatness of such a man. What a superior educational background and a keen eye for understanding sociological change in the world today, it’s not hard to see why Mr. Carlos has a track record of success in not only matters of banking but in matters of sociological continuity today.

In summary, we have briefly overviewed their illustrious career of a phenomenal banking executive, a man of inspiration, and a paragon of society today. There are many tomes that can be filled with the works of such a great man but success and recognition the world over are the clear pieces of evidence our eyes behold today.

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Sponsor Women Foundation

NexBank SSB is a financial services company that is very popular in the United States. This institution main office is found in Dallas. Since NexBank came into the American market many decades ago, Americans have nothing to worry when they are looking for a financial services firm. While most of the banks in the country focus on money making activities, this company has only been trying its best to assist the communities in the neighborhood. Most companies in the financial services department have failed to assist the community to make the developments it needs, and this has affected their reputation among the citizens. NexBank realized the importance of community initiatives several years ago, and it has been using this trick to make sure that people in the Dallas region are happy.

This year, the women in Dallas have all the reasons to put on a smile. The financial services firm has announced through its website that it is willing to be the sponsor of the annual Dallas Women Foundation that will be taking place very soon. The event has been taking place for more than thirty two years, and it has served as the best platform to ensure that the women in the country have received the empowerment they need to conquer the competitive market. NexBank executive team says that it decided to take this imitative after realizing the importance of women leaders in the corporate world. According to this company, women in America play a huge role in the growing economy. Empowering them is the best way of ensuring that everything will fall into place.

The Dallas based company will be offering its support by giving out a gift that is worth more than one hundred dollars. The financial firm believes will be the perfect way of ensuring that the women who are part of the organization have been empowered in their financial security and in leadership. There are several guests that have been invited to the event to offer women some expert advice. These guests are very popular in the society, and they are respected because of what they have achieved in their careers.

James Larkin

It has been a kind of a silent tradition that those workers whose experience is not that quite, are paid lesser than the ones who are more experienced. What many people forget, however, is that nobody begins any work with high-level experience. We all have a starting point, and it is in this starting point that experience grows and matures gradually.


James Larkin was born at a time when this mentality was so rooted in the minds of corporation heads and managers. His father had been working hard labor in a firm for a very long time. This job was not paying enough to shift the Larkins from where they lived in the slums. However, the pay was enough to get the family through the day.


Jim’s father died, and it was upon him to take care of the remaining members of the family. Having no experience in hard labor was the most difficult starting point that any employee could have. This pressed so hard on James Larkin because it resulted in his loss of the job he so much wished was going to help sustain his mother and siblings.


The state of England and Ireland was the same, and Irish workers who labored in England received the same treatment. This was one of the reasons why Jim Larkin saw it fit to form ITGWU.


Trade unionism was not a thing in England and Ireland. Existing unions that tried to campaign and fight for the rights of workers were not as stern as Larkin was. James Larkin changed how trade unionism was viewed and became an outstanding leader. He would not give up, and neither would he back down.


Jim Larkin did grow up and lived in a time when things were done differently. But since change is inevitable, Jim decided to be that change. Not everyone agreed with him or with his means of achieving this transformation, but those who understood what workers were going through were in full support of Jim Larkin. His phrase of fair workers’ pay for work done in a day will be mouthed on for years and more to come.

Boraie Development Says Atlantic City Actually Does Have Room For Housing Investments

It’s usually been said that Atlantic City, NJ is usually one of the last places you want to invest in as a property developer and tap into the real estate markets, but Boraie Development executive Sam Boraie says now might actually be a good time. He says there isn’t so much a lack of a housing demand as much as just limited options for consumers, and he notes that since there are college campuses in the area and other business activities for young workers that now is a good time to start consider building. Boraie also says Atlantic City doesn’t need to completely go to ground zero with its economy because though some casinos have closed there, the gaming industry is still as popular as ever. What they need to do he says is just have small replacements to some of their old infrastructure. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The latest addition coming from Boraie Development that’s tapping into the housing market in Atlantic City is the Beach at South Inlet. This is an apartment complex that’s being built along the coastline of the city that has some of the top first-class amenities that you can find in permanent housing. But this property is just one of several listed on the company website, and it all began with a vision by Wasseem Boraie’s father Omar Boraie over 40 years ago.


Omar Boraie began Boraie Development around 1973 while he was teaching chemistry at Rutgers University. He had moved to New Jersey from Egypt and while he didn’t know much about commercial or residential real estate development at the time, he decided to do it because the city of New Brunswick where he lived was crumbling. Boraie’s property purchases and redevelopment plans were heavily criticized by local leaders and the media, but that only drove him to go through with his building plans.


According to Patch, the plans to renovate and redevelop paid off as billions of dollars on investment returns came in as Boraie leased out his various properties. Those properties include two towers at the Albany Street Plaza which will have a third one built soon, the Estates at Waverly Place, One Spring Street, One Rector Street in Newark and the CITYPLEX 12 Plaza. Boraie and his sons have been asked how they did it even when most people thought it wasn’t possible. He says he believed in the community and that bringing in new buildings and a better look to New Brunswick would restore the public’s confidence in the city. And he also said he credits the leaders of Johnson & Johnson for deciding to keep their company in the city because of how important they are to it.



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The Sandwich Generation Gets a Piece of Good News

There are a lot of people who have fallen into the category known as the Sandwich generation. They are folks who are in their late thirties to their early fifties who are financially taking care of their often college-aged children and their aging parents at the same time.


These are folks who need to know about HCR Wealth Advisors perhaps more than any other generation has before. They need to be financially prepared for all of the financial responsibilities that they may be about to take on.


HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. They hire professionals who actually know what they are doing in terms of giving out advice related to a person’s investments. It is a place where you can really trust the advice that you are receiving. After all, you are getting that advice straight from the professionals themselves.


The first thing that they will do is create personalized financial strategies for you based on your particular life situation. They will ask questions about your risk tolerance and about what your particular goals are to make things as tolerable as possible for you.


Bring in all of the personal financial information that you have about your situation at the moment. The advisors will want to look this over so that they can get an idea of where you really are in a financial sense. Once they have that information they can start getting to work on making sure the plan works well for you.


Bear in mind that you will have to take care of your own financial life; no one else will do it for you. Additionally, getting invested as early as possible is critical to your success as an investor. Make sure you listen to what the professionals have to say and apply it to your personal situation.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


Hussain Sajwani: Standing Out in the Real Estate Development Market

Hussain Sajwani, the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer’s indelible mark on the real estate investment industry is deliberate and significant. The visionary created his empire by recognizing an investment opportunity in the Dubai area in the early 2000’s’. The businessman struck a successful deal, amassing profits from his real estate development venture before it was completed.

He created DAMAC Properties shortly after, in 2002 and continued his pursuit of investments. Before long, Mr. Sajwani honed in on what it takes to stand out and become elite. He immediately began investing in luxury real estate projects. Hussain Sajwani delivered top of the line high-class amenities, elegant interiors, breathtaking views, and opulent nightlife and local leisure activities with each amazing installment. In addition, the brilliant entrepreneur capitalized on extravagant marketing strategies designed to lure quality tenants and buyers.

These tactics served well in establishing his company as a well-sought after, elite brand. Mr. Sajwani cornered the Middle Eastern market by developing in areas that were underdeveloped. He is an industry leader in re-inventing the Middle Eastern landscape with his shiny, sleek, glamorous architecture. The celebrated developer is responsible for such structures as The Trump International Golf Course Dubai, The Trump World Golf Course, DAMAC Hills, and Aykon London One Tower to highlight a few icons.

Hussain Sajwani has a diverse property development portfolio comprising of 19,000 apartments and over 44,000 units in various phases of construction. DAMAC Properties have been ranked number 15 on Hotelier Power 50. In addition, Mr. Sajwani has achieved multiple honors inclusive of Property CEO of the Year via CEO Middle East Awards 2017. The illustrious businessman makes it a point to be a cut above the rest. He is very detail oriented and spares no expenses from the framework, as well as the inside and out. Every square inch of footage invokes a feeling of luxury and opulence. Mr. Sajwani’s developments are built to stand out in order to impress even the most selective of mindsets.

DAMAC Properties CEO Hussain Sajwani One of the World’s Richest Developers

AYKON City developer DAMAC Properties and their CEO, Hussain Sajwani, have announced their plans to complete the second tower of six planned. The second tower is said to be comprised of 64 floors plus a rooftop that will be utilized for entertainment. This includes 49 floors dedicated to residential apartments, 3 basements, an entertainment and lifestyle floor, a ground floor, and 10 podium levels. The massive structure will be built by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, who was awarded the contract for a massive 600 million AED.


The structure will have some 1.7 million square feet of useable space, making it one of Dubai’s largest. The tower will preside over the Dubai Canal on Sheikh Zayed Road. The entire development will be a city within a city and will have a number of luxuries including a spa, several swimming pools, night clubs, eateries and more.



DAMAC Properties is owned by billionaire Hussain Sajwani. The development company was named number one on the Forbes Global 2000 list. Sajwani himself was also named as one of the world’s richest Arabs by Forbes in 2017.


Sajwani’s father himself was a successful entrepreneur who taught his son how to succeed in business. After high school, Hussain earned a scholarship to study at the University of Washington in the United States. He graduated from the college in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. After graduation he began working in the oil business, obtaining a position in the finance department at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries.


Working for someone else did not prove to be beneficial to Sajwani, so in 1983 he started a catering business. The company is still in operation today and serves several large customers in the UAE, including the United States Military.


Sajwani launch DAMAC Properties in 2002 and is currently one of the world’s largest developers. The company is publicly traded and has developed nearly 20,000 units to date. DAMAC has stepped up its plans in recent years and currently there are over 45,000 units in development. As the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Sajwani was named as the Property CEO of the Year in 2017 by the Middle East Awards.

Jed McCaleb is Attempting to Change the Future of Equity

Jed McCaleb wants to improve peoples’ lives by using technology to reduce inefficiency and to extend an opportunity to those without substantial resources. He wants to alter the current financial paradigm where he feels that too many people are being left behind. Jed works at a non-profit company called Stellar that is working on the future of a universal payments network. As the chief technology officer there, he presides over the development of a cross-border payment network. His opinion is that blockchain technology will alter the way that fundraising, stock markets, and global payments will soon operate. The XLM coins offered by Stellar, or “lumens” as they are also called, were among the 10 largest cryptocurrencies as of New Year’s Day. In addition to that, Stellar’s network is currently being used by IBM to initiate a payment system with some major banks.


Blockchain technology is fast becoming the favorite new encryption system that everyone is talking about. At Stellar, Jed McCaleb claims that their blockchain technology will decrease transaction time to around five seconds. The time it takes for a bitcoin transaction is significantly longer than that. In addition to being faster, he says that this will allow users to exchange government-backed currencies which is a unique concept.


Jed McCaleb believes that the popularity of initial coin offerings has exposed huge markets not yet explored by the current financial system. These “token sales” have generated around $9 billion in roughly four years. This method of fundraising is specific to retail investors who can buy digital coins to bolster a project. In this way, investors can buy something that can appreciate in value over time. It seems that we are looking at a situation where all equity will be tokenized. Jed McCaleb thinks that decentralized exchanges are likely to appear in our future where nearly anything can be traded.