Serge Belamant: The Creator of NET1

Serge belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953 and Moved to South Africa at the age of 14 with his family. He attended Highlands North High school for boys and had to learn to speak and write English. Nevertheless he excelled in sports such as rugby, athletics as well as chess so much that was awarded full colors. He matriculated in 1972 with a university exemption pass to Witwatersrand University and took engineering.

However, serge belamant switched courses to computer science and applied mathematics. He went on to discontinue his studies after 2 years and took courses in information system through UNISA. He has over 20 years of expertise in the field of operation research, biometrics, security, AI & on-line and off-line transaction processing systems.

From October 1989 Semptember 1995, Serge was the MD for NET1. From October 2000 –May 31 2017, he was the consultant during the development of a proprietary preauthorized payment card. Serge Belamant spent 10 years working with controlled data cope rations where he bagged a couple of international awards. He led the designing, developing, implementing and operating the Saswitch ATM chain in South Africa.

During the first few years, net1 attempted to provide its UEPS system to various institutions with no success. However in 1995, visa agreed with net1 for Serge belamant to design and develop COPAC. He had to move to the U.S.A for the project. Online being the best way of people to get in touch with him. He has all the available and the necessary online platforms for his ventures. He has also filed patents for a couple of inventions that range from biometric to gaming related inventions management.

Information technology, information architecture, computer science and leadership are some of the skills he has which has enabled him to be the proud founder of zilch technologies which is on a mission to awake dormant customer base and convert browsers to buyers. Regions, European Union (E.U)

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Gareth Henry Believes Knowing The Client’s Needs Is Key To Satisfaction

Gareth Henry is a rare type of person in the financial industry. While most people with a degree in actuarial mathematics end up working a job somewhere in insurance, he took a completely different route in his career. Instead of getting stuck in insurance, he got his first big position after college at Schroders as their Director of Strategic Solutions. This was just the beginning as he kept moving up to Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group followed by Angelo Gordon. Read more on

It was the accomplishments Gareth Henry made at Fortress Investment Group that drew the attention of other companies. While there have been other “math geeks” in private equity and hedge funds, very few have been able to keep up with his path of success. He was praised for his achievements in the field by Institutional Investor when he joined Fortress. They mentioned his abilities when it came to building relationships and the hard work that he puts into business.

At Fortress, Gareth Henry managed the company’s business with hedge funds worth $4 billion. He was able to successfully communicate and engage their clients in Asia, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. He was able to raise a large amount of capital for the company. When joined the team at Fortress Investment Group when he was only 32 years old and with less than a decade of experience, he was already receiving international praise.

In order to be as successful as he is, Gareth Henry has been described as staying in “constant motion” from the moment that he starts his day at 7 in the morning. He makes his first phone calls of the day to Asia and Europe as soon as he gets in his office. His afternoons and evenings are also usually filled with business meetings, lunches, and dinners with clients or financial industry colleagues. To serve his clients in the best way possible, Gareth Henry believes in making sure he knows everything that they need. He takes several calls a day from his clients and meets with at least 2.



CEO Robert Ivy Reveals The Value Of Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are important to various occupations and fields of employment. These organizations provide workers in various fields with updated research, job opportunities and peer connections. They also help workers to learn about the latest trends and practices that will help them to excel at what they do. American Institute of Architect CEO Robert Ivy reveals why professional organizations are a huge benefit for the modern workers.

In the past, certain professions had their own crafts and guilds to teach and train people about a certain type of work. Blacksmiths, weavers and book makers all had their own unique associations that helped members to excel at their craft. The architect, Robert Ivy agrees that education, research and resources are one of the most important reasons for joining a professional organization.

As technology grows and people start to learn more about their profession, these two factors help to keep employees updated about their careers. The internet and computing equipment makes disseminating information a fairly easy task. With more resources and information, employees can maximize their skills and provide the best services possible for their clients.


Robert Ivy also mentions that professional organizations provide organizations with a voice. A professional organization can lobby for a particular profession to help it to impact legislation or to better position itself in the economy. This type of benefit is important for maintaining job security and for attracting more members into a particular field.

When people are looking for a job within a particular field, a professional organization can be a real benefit. Robert Ivy understands how critical they are to getting people employed. Workers can also use the help of a professional organization to rise through their ranks. Industry insiders can make the right connections and elevate their current position.

Robert Ivy’s CEO status allows him to fully understand how professional organizations really work for employees. He uses them for his own company’s benefit. He also uses them communicate and to interact with other members within his field. No one should dismiss the importance and relevance that professional organizations provide.

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There is much to Learn from Hussain Sajwani Successful Trend

You cannot talk about Arab entrepreneurship without mentioning Hussain Sajwani. He is a great businessman in the United Arab Emirates. He is widely recognized due to his ownership of DAMAC Properties. This is among the largest property companies in Dubai. He stands as the founder and the chairman of prominent DAMAC Properties. He joined business world after he graduated from Washington University where he pursued Economic and Industrial Engineering. He used to be a sales agent of time-share apartments in Dubai. He made savings since he wanted to risk and start his own business. Two years after his graduation, he began a catering business that boomed and gained great success. He made huge savings that he used to fund his dream business plan and launched DAMAC Properties. This business has been tremendously successful earning him global respect and recognition. He is among the top 100 most influential Arabs in the globe.

Hussain Sajwani is also kind and ever ready to share his thoughts feelings and ideas regarding his successful career. This is why he is usually invited for interviews and conferences. In an interview, Hussain was asked to describe how his typical day looks like and how he makes it’s productive and successful. He stated that his typical day usually involves meeting with his management team members. In these meetings, he always ensures that he gets all updates on the various aspects of the business. The other elementally part of his day is spent in meeting his business partners and members of the business community. He also affirmed that he is always interested in nurturing and expanding his connections. This is one of the most critical factors in his business. Real estate investor Hussain also noted that he also ensures that he spend valuable time with his family as this plays a significant role in creating a balance in his life, a balance between business and his dearly beloved family.

To explain how he brings his dreams and ideas into reality, Hussain Sajwani noted that his inspiration and desire is to take a glance at Dubai for instance once and conceive how it will be in about 10-20 years down the line. He pointed out that he takes calculated risks and he puts significant effort in any idea that he feels that it’s likely going to bear success. He finally noted that for anyone to succeed, the fear of failure must be kept aside. This is one of the significant factors that has helped him to discover much success over the years. Read this article about Sajwani and his business partner President Trump.

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Ryan Seacrest Maintains Energy For Daily Intensive Schedule

It takes more than energy and organization for Ryan Seacrest to successfully juggle a variety of professional responsibilities on a daily basis. Not only does the 43-year old recent transplant to New York appear before the cameras on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and behind the microphone with “On Air with Ryan”, he is still active as a producer for such blockbuster long-running shows as “American Idol” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The congenial Seacrest has also decided to enter the fashion and grooming world with his line of clothing for men, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and a male skincare line appropriately called Polished for Men. He also runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to inspire today’s youth.

Seacrest credits being an early riser by 6 a.m. to getting the day off to a good start, followed by a quick shower and shave and a cup of matcha tea “to set the tone for my body, because matcha has so many good things in it.” Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) admits he already knew 20 years ago that having a diversified career meant paying attention to his physical well-being to bring balance to having such an intense work schedule. Having a personal trainer is one key to Seacrest’s seemingly boundless reservoir of energy. He is currently training with a boxing coach and enjoys a session on a Pelaton bike before his car service drives him to the studio.

He admits to being a “massive foodie” and enjoys mostly vegan meals. Seacrest credits his mentor, perpetually youthful looking Dick Clark, with inspiring him to look as casual and seamless as possible while doing his many jobs as broadcaster and host. To help maintain his focus, he often locks his phone to avoid distraction.

It’s not easy for Ryan Seacrest to keep up the energy level required to support the physical and mental stamina necessary to be an entertainment powerhouse. But he’s not complaining. He takes pride in having his audience think he makes it look easy, knowing in his heart that if his mentor Clark were alive today, he’d be congratulating him for many jobs well done.

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Alex Hern: The Ever-Changing Technology Business

Alex Hern is a veteran entrepreneur who has used the extensive knowledge to found the booming technology company Tsunami XR. While Tsunami XR is a big venture for Alex Hern, he has been in is the business for more than 25 years. This experience is amplified by his ability to commit himself 100% to any project that he is working on. Alex Hern has been known to speak about how commitment to one project at a time can really help grow it into something special. He wants the startups that he represents to know that he believes in them by dedicating his time to their project.

Alex Hern is a veteran entrepreneur, but he is also willing to adjust his business practices to adhere to the current technological standards. He understands why it will get the job done. Tsunami XR is his response to a recent trend in the computation world. The shift to GPU driven processing from CPU driven processing is causing a little bit of stir in the technological community. In fact, many companies are looking for ways to get into the new business. Alex Hern is one of those individuals that anticipated the change in the market and already put Tsunami XR into place to help her right new applications and software programs that will complement the shift in computer processing.

Alex Hern is an intense businessman but he is also whimsical about the future. He knows that there are a lot of things that are set to change in the industry. His company Tsunami XR is built on the very fact that computer processing is experiencing what some might turn a complete overhaul when it comes to processing. Some of the other technologies that he has been excited about our machine learning and AI. He believes that they are going to be big parts of future technology. He already has plans to successfully integrate those parts of technology into Tsunami XR. Alex Hern is not afraid to step up to the challenges that change applies, rather he is invested in the survival of his company in an ever-changing industry.

Papa Johns and Steve Ritchie’s Commitment to Putting People First

If you want to go to a pizza restaurant that believes in servicing their customers with superior performance, you may want to check out those franchises that are currently being run and managed by the CEO of Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie, President and CEO of Papa Johns is known for his commitment of standing by the company’s primary goals and objectives. Specifically, those that focus on the Papa Johns pizzas that says ‘People Are Priority Always’.

Heads of the Company Talking to Key Players Around the Country

According to his leadership, the company is taking an aggressive proactive stand in ensuring the people are always put first in any thing that the company is doing. In this way, restaurants all over the U.S. are paying close attention to a wide range of customers issues including listening to what people are saying about their products, services and their communities as a whole. For instance to find out what the front line managers, workers and consumers are saying, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has traveled across the nation visiting stores in Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Los Angeles to get a good feel of what everyone is saying. By talking to first line management and their employees, he can make a lot of great headway into identifying areas that need to be improved. The feedback that he is getting is often very beneficial to making the changes that need to made now as well as in the near future.

Seeking to Make a Positive Impact on the Consumer and the Community

Because of the commitment that Papa John’s has dedicated its operations to, teams of their franchises are not becoming an arm of their own personal families. Based on the information that he has gathered, he is looking to take this restaurant to the next level by focusing on any interactions that affect the business. For instance, to make sure each community has a positive experience, they are also focusing on ensuring the local schools, charities and other sectors of the community are impacted with quality of a good company as it grows into the future. See their Twitter post here.

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Betsy DeVos: Fighting for a Better Education

Education systems in the United States of America are in turmoil. They require a strong leader with a firm hand to get them back in line. Betsy DeVos signifies everything that these organizations need to get back on track. She was selected to be Secretary of Education because she showed an extreme amount of detail and precision in her work. While she is an advocate for “school choice” she is also dedicated to the process of learning in general. Her work has already shown that she is not a pushover in any respect. The recent decision to pull back a federal policy for transgender students is just one arena where she proved her merit.


The article detailing the situation can be found at under the article “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter”. The article once people understand how far Betsy DeVos will go to protect the people that matter to her. As the Secretary of Education, the people that matter most to her are the children that function underneath of her office. She also has a special affinity to the administration and staff members. Instead of rolling with the punches and following the direction of the individuals that helped push for her recent appointment Betsy DeVos fought against the pullback of the federal policy. She believed that it was necessary for students in this situation to have that policy. She was unable to stop the decision but she did maintain constant communication with those that would be affected by the policy change.


This signifies how strong she is in the face of adversity. Her life is not always been the easy one that people expect. She has stood behind a very polarizing issue for much of her career. “School choice” is the proposed idea that parents should not have to adhere to government guidelines when it comes to where they send their children to school. Instead, Betsy DeVos and her supporters propose that parents be able to choose their children’s school much like they choose their hairstylists. It is unfair that parents are placed in a position where they’re not able to make this choice and the government has intervened to tell them what is best for their children.


Early on, Betsy DeVos face a lot of pushback on this issue. This is where she cut her teeth in the political arena. She knew that she needed to fight hard to get people to understand this issue. It wasn’t that people were interested in having the power over their child’s education, it was that they had been convinced over a number of years that this is the best option for their children when it came to their education. Betsy DeVos now spends her time working with the public school system for change and advocating the importance of alternative education. Parents have had more access to this additional information they ever have before. It is the hope of Betsy DeVos and her supporters that he will continue to gain knowledge in these alternative fields of education and make informed decisions.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Focuses on Service

In terms of finance, no two individuals are exactly the same, meaning personal relationships are crucial elements of a successful wealth advisory staff.  HCR Wealth Advisors, a wealth management firm located in Los Angeles, provides hundreds of clients with investment and financial strategies. HCR Wealth Advisors’ most important focus is building relationships with each client, designing a budget with real objectives, and assisting clients.

As a wealth adviser, HCR Wealth Advisors’ main objective is serving its clientele. Rather than getting paid to market particular financial products or being led by a brokerage house or controlling business, HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent company that is genuinely client-centric in whatever it does.

The firm charges a reasonable and transparent rate for its services that eliminates questions regarding whether customers could be billed unexpectedly or have unanticipated fees. HCR Wealth Advisors finds it essential to be clear with its customers in what it does, that’s the only method to construct a solid working relationship.

HCR Wealth Advisors uses a holistic approach to get to know each client, which makes it relationship-oriented rather than performance-oriented. This usually means taking the opportunity to sit down and get to know their customers, their present budget, their objectives, and potential future events which could change their fiscal situation.

As a result of this relationship-based plan, HCR Wealth Advisors has a high client retention rate, with some clients with the firm for over ten years.

That is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors prides itself on assisting customers weather these events along with the uncertainty of their financial markets by creating a strategy to help them protect a brighter financial future. Their intention is to incorporate investments, retirement plans and financial goals into a comprehensive strategy that develops and matures over time.

HCR Wealth Advisors not only hopes to design a strategy and financial plan, but also help clients make better financial choices for themselves. It requires many layers of effort to paint a complete picture of a customer, create financial guidelines, and execute financial changes for your long run.

That is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors employs a seven-step framework to help customers build their financial security. These include:

  • Establish Objectives and establish future goals.
  • Identify opportunities and construct an income and required projection.
  • Construct a time frame for your investment allocation that best suits you.
  • Supply a personal customer online portal so as to provide 24/7 real time access to resources, liabilities and net worth valuations.
  • Periodic review of this investment plan and monitor progress to guarantee customer goals are met.
  • Closely monitor and examine the portfolio expansion
  • Assess and adapt the plan according to life changes

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Susan McGalla On Helping Women Achieve High Ranking Jobs

The abundance of women in the workforce is becoming more apparent with time. Women in leadership roles is also increasing, but not nearly enough. The startling fact of this inequality it that it does not equate to more success. In fact, when people diversify their work place with women and people from other ethnic backgrounds, the rate of successful goes up from 15 to 35 percent. There need to be more women executives on top to create more diversity and success.

Susan McGalla has been in leadership roles in most of her jobs. Her career is filled with rich experiences where she led the company into success. She is an inspiration to all women who want to achieve success in leadership roles. Susan McGalla is grateful for her upbringing because that shaped her into the strong woman she is today. Susan grew up with brothers and did not get special treatment because she was a girl. As a grown woman McGalla is not intimidated by men, which has really helped her in her career pursuits. For women in the workplace, there are plenty of initiatives and networks. They can be a good way to meet other women, discuss business, and share their ideas with like-minded people. While all this is good, it does not address the real issue that we need more women in executive roles. This can be achieved by getting current women executives to mentor budding female leaders. Giving the women execs incentive to help them will keep them motivated. The women going into the field can be given tasks and jobs along the way to show their competency. On top of this, men also need to join the bandwagon. They need to support these women for the bigger picture. Susan McGalla support other women because she knows how this can positively change the world.