The Liberal George Soros

To know is to become. George Soros did not become a generous and an avid defender of liberty and human freedoms by staying ignorantly in the confines of comfort and high birth. George Soros, the liberal billionaire, and arguably the most generous man, did not rise to become one of the most influential billionaire Democrats in American history from remaining silent and frugal to the cries of humanity either. The man is wealthy and wise, generous and strategic. As an immigrant who hailed from a country ravished by war and genocide at his birth, George Soros has rightfully earned his spot among the world’s most generous givers. A brief story about the country of origin, his rise to wealth and fortune and his philanthropic pursuits might help exemplify the argument.

George Soros was born in Hungary when the Nazi Regime sort to annihilate all Jews in Europe. In pursuit of that evil intent to massacre Jews, the Nazis encroached on Hungary and seized it. They were successful in their endeavor for massacre but unsuccessful in accomplishing their objective to wipe all Hungarian Jews out of existence. The Soros family were an intelligent and discerning lot. Thankfully for the other Jews that were fortunate to have been around them in those dangerous times, the Soros family was also generous and accommodating. George Soros and his family forged documents faking their Jewish identities to escape imminent persecution and death. They also provided the same protection to other Jews who were to be killed for nothing else but their identities. Learn more on about George Soros.

Later, George Soros fled to London where he worked two shifts, one as a manual laborer and the other as a casual laborer. The railway job made him hard and resilient while his job at a nightclub allowed him to observe human nature and how they spent their money. Both jobs made good in raising the school fees he needed to learn at the London School of Economics. He later moved to the United States to put his financial and economic skills to good use.

By 1979, Soros had already earned so much money in investments that he could have afforded to open a hedge fund. He went on further to make over one billion dollars in a day and earned the title of ‘the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.’ By then, he had got enough confidence to take on the oppression of minorities by funding activists and lobby groups that sort to use peaceful means to resolve racial and ethnic conflict and discrimination. One of his most notable achievements in his liberal agenda includes;

  • Creating the Open Society Foundations
  • Giving scholarships to Africa Scholars who were fighting the Apartheid Regime
  • Introducing Critical Thinking to the Soviet Union after the Berlin Wall was demolished
  • Coordinating the Ferguson Protests from the ugly and violent protests that they were to the peaceful national campaign against police brutality and racial profiling. He funded social media campaigns, national bus rides, and coordinated protests. He spent over 13 million dollars in cash and mobilized groups that benefit from his funding perennially to contribute positively to the whole concept. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

Candid Interview with the Founder and Owner of Wild Ark Conservatoire

Mark Hutchinson or Hutch has spent the better part of the last couple of decades in the great wildernesses of Australia and Africa. Hutch’s passion for conservation culminated in the formation of Wild Ark in 2016. The environmentalist grew up taming wild stallions, fly-fishing and herding sheep in his native Australia.


Mark’s adventurous spirit led him to traverse the African continent at 19. A few years later, Mark opened his first eco-tourism company, UNTAMED. UNTAMED later changed its name to Avana before being sold in 2013. Wild Ark seeks to enlighten the masses on the importance of safeguarding the planet for the sake of future generations. Mark Hutchinson made the following revelations during a recent interview with Wild Ark. Learn more:


Earliest memories


As a child, Mark’s family always moved around. Mark remembers spending quality time in farms situated in New South Wales, Queensland, and Sydney. That’s where Mark’s passion and allure of the great wide open outdoors began.


Inspiration behind UNTAMED


Mark recalls spending his school breaks riding 4*4’s in the dirt roads of the Outback. Soon the entrepreneur realized that his passion could turn to be a profitable venture. That’s how his personal jackarooing training business came about. In the same year, Mark enrolled at the University of Sydney to pursue a degree in Economics.


Launching Avana


In 2008, Hutch returned to his native Australia and began contemplating his next business move. Mark opted to head to France to study for an MBA course. In the interview, the environmentalist dubs the move to France as one of the best life decisions he’s ever made. He studied at the INSEAD Business School in France.


In 2010, Mark rebranded UNTAMED to Avana. Avana trained guides and lodge owners on developing sustainable and green tourist attractions. Business was booming at Avana and Hutch quickly made a decision to take his venture public. The IPO was, however, a huge flop with massive losses for all the stakeholders involved. Eventually, Mark was forced to abandon the training programs.


Typical Day


Mark is a father to four girls. In the mornings, Hutch prefers to hit the ocean for a long swim. In the late afternoons, he enjoys taking the daughters out for a pleasant stroll in the nearby bush. Additionally, the entrepreneur spends time replying emails and calls from his clients. Learn more:


Success Academy To Share Ideas With Others

Education is one of our most precious resources. Those who have it can usually make a pretty decent life for themselves while those who don’t end up having to struggle. We know this, and this is why we care so much about the education that our children receive.


Charter schools like Success Academy are showing others how they do things. They have opened their doors so to speak by providing information online about the curriculum that they use as well as helpful advice about professional development.


Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the Success Academy which is the largest network of charter schools in New York. She has stated from day one that she wants to open more high performing charter schools all throughout the country while at the same time working to improve education overall. She believes that the public school system has simply failed in too many areas of the country. Her goal is to try to turn that around.


She is a former Democratic council member who was even considered for the role of Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She withdrew her own name from consideration and has instead decided to pursue her goals through other means. That being said, she has remained a defender of the current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos who is also a fighter for charter schools.


The school has received awards for its ability to help particularly low-income students close the achievement gap that exists between them and students who come from more affluent families. It is an issue that has been recognized and is one that we must do something about.


The charter school system has a lot more flexibility to experiment with new ideas and approaches to education. With this added flexibility comes some pretty strong results in a lot of cases. Students doing better than what they were able to in public school is a big deal to the people behind charter school options. They love to see their schools do well, but they also like to share their discoveries so that other schools may latch on to them as well going forward.