Howitt Is Winning On And Off The Court

Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player and Project Manager in Portland, Oregon. Sawyer is young (still completing his degree and working for his father, who is a leading entrepreneur in Oregon), but his early successes point to great things in his future.

In the racquetball world, Sawyer Howitt has competed so far in men’s singles but has the possibility of playing other formats (men’s and mixed doubles). One can argue that becoming a professional racquetball player is something anyone can train hard enough to do, obviously requiring dedication to practicing and conditioning to compete in the sport.

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A good starting point is to consider one’s motivation for becoming a professional athlete, be it for money, the satisfaction of competing, or a combination thereof. One’s approach to competing professionally would change accordingly, and it may be wisest to consider the entire endeavor a business proposition (if money is the motivation) and be very disciplined in planning for this approach. Once decided to pursue becoming a pro in the sport, it is necessary to plan for the long-term while focusing on day-to-day training and practice according to Allowing the long-term plan to change as needed and seeking the help of a seasoned professional is very helpful, as is choosing the best coach possible.

Getting the right coach is a big undertaking, requiring research and possibly even relocation. At this stage, the right workouts and practice become critical to advancing in the sport. According to, the process of getting in shape and being able to perform at top levels may take years of work, and many hours per day.

Sawyer Howitt obviously has had the dedication to make it as far as he has as early as he has in his life, setting a great example for others wishing to become a professional in their sport.

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