Eco Tourism and Saving the Environment: Wild Ark

The passion to save the planet is the catalyst for eco-tourism. It is important when you consider your next vacation that you also consider what is being done to protect the environment. This could be anything from recycling to providing safe areas for people to view life in the wild. For many conservationists the important distinction between tourist destinations that cater to “weekend” conservationists and hard-core conservationists is that the main purpose is to preserve nature in pristine condition.


The basic premise of Wild Ark is to both educate and preserve natural habitats for future generations. The team at Wild Ark does this by identifying green belts around the world that have a rich biodiversity. After identification, sometimes done by WWF, Wild Ark will secure a portion of the area to preserve and study. The broader implications is the fact that visitors become more aware of their surroundings.


One of the most popular ecotourism destinations is Costa Rica. The reason is that Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty. This natural beauty has been well protected. Rain forests and pristine beaches are the main attraction.


Reconnecting people with nature is one of the main goals of Wild Ark. Wild Ark adventures are mainly focused on Africa, specifically Botswana. The African continent still has many places that have not been overtaken by civilization. This makes it easier for conservationists to study native animals and plants.


When deciding on an eco-friendly destination it is important to understand what the organization is doing to sustain the environment. Educating ecologically conscious traveler about how they can help sustain the environment is only part of the total experience. You need to consider what the government is doing, what the resorts are doing and what methods they are using to practice sustainability. Learn more:


The Republic of Palau is a good example of government proactively working to protect its reefs from erosion and disease. Sustainable practices help keep Palau’s beaches clear of pollution.


What organizations like Wild Ark do is provide visitors opportunities to make a difference. The education they provide with their African adventures is priceless. Learn more: