Success Academy To Share Ideas With Others

Education is one of our most precious resources. Those who have it can usually make a pretty decent life for themselves while those who don’t end up having to struggle. We know this, and this is why we care so much about the education that our children receive.


Charter schools like Success Academy are showing others how they do things. They have opened their doors so to speak by providing information online about the curriculum that they use as well as helpful advice about professional development.


Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the Success Academy which is the largest network of charter schools in New York. She has stated from day one that she wants to open more high performing charter schools all throughout the country while at the same time working to improve education overall. She believes that the public school system has simply failed in too many areas of the country. Her goal is to try to turn that around.


She is a former Democratic council member who was even considered for the role of Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She withdrew her own name from consideration and has instead decided to pursue her goals through other means. That being said, she has remained a defender of the current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos who is also a fighter for charter schools.


The school has received awards for its ability to help particularly low-income students close the achievement gap that exists between them and students who come from more affluent families. It is an issue that has been recognized and is one that we must do something about.


The charter school system has a lot more flexibility to experiment with new ideas and approaches to education. With this added flexibility comes some pretty strong results in a lot of cases. Students doing better than what they were able to in public school is a big deal to the people behind charter school options. They love to see their schools do well, but they also like to share their discoveries so that other schools may latch on to them as well going forward.