Papa Johns and Steve Ritchie’s Commitment to Putting People First

If you want to go to a pizza restaurant that believes in servicing their customers with superior performance, you may want to check out those franchises that are currently being run and managed by the CEO of Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie, President and CEO of Papa Johns is known for his commitment of standing by the company’s primary goals and objectives. Specifically, those that focus on the Papa Johns pizzas that says ‘People Are Priority Always’.

Heads of the Company Talking to Key Players Around the Country

According to his leadership, the company is taking an aggressive proactive stand in ensuring the people are always put first in any thing that the company is doing. In this way, restaurants all over the U.S. are paying close attention to a wide range of customers issues including listening to what people are saying about their products, services and their communities as a whole. For instance to find out what the front line managers, workers and consumers are saying, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has traveled across the nation visiting stores in Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Los Angeles to get a good feel of what everyone is saying. By talking to first line management and their employees, he can make a lot of great headway into identifying areas that need to be improved. The feedback that he is getting is often very beneficial to making the changes that need to made now as well as in the near future.

Seeking to Make a Positive Impact on the Consumer and the Community

Because of the commitment that Papa John’s has dedicated its operations to, teams of their franchises are not becoming an arm of their own personal families. Based on the information that he has gathered, he is looking to take this restaurant to the next level by focusing on any interactions that affect the business. For instance, to make sure each community has a positive experience, they are also focusing on ensuring the local schools, charities and other sectors of the community are impacted with quality of a good company as it grows into the future. See their Twitter post here.

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Susan McGalla On Helping Women Achieve High Ranking Jobs

The abundance of women in the workforce is becoming more apparent with time. Women in leadership roles is also increasing, but not nearly enough. The startling fact of this inequality it that it does not equate to more success. In fact, when people diversify their work place with women and people from other ethnic backgrounds, the rate of successful goes up from 15 to 35 percent. There need to be more women executives on top to create more diversity and success.

Susan McGalla has been in leadership roles in most of her jobs. Her career is filled with rich experiences where she led the company into success. She is an inspiration to all women who want to achieve success in leadership roles. Susan McGalla is grateful for her upbringing because that shaped her into the strong woman she is today. Susan grew up with brothers and did not get special treatment because she was a girl. As a grown woman McGalla is not intimidated by men, which has really helped her in her career pursuits. For women in the workplace, there are plenty of initiatives and networks. They can be a good way to meet other women, discuss business, and share their ideas with like-minded people. While all this is good, it does not address the real issue that we need more women in executive roles. This can be achieved by getting current women executives to mentor budding female leaders. Giving the women execs incentive to help them will keep them motivated. The women going into the field can be given tasks and jobs along the way to show their competency. On top of this, men also need to join the bandwagon. They need to support these women for the bigger picture. Susan McGalla support other women because she knows how this can positively change the world.

37 Years Of Hussain Sajwani Consistency And Strong Work Ethics

For the past 24 months, DAMAC Properties has shown unparalleled growth. This growth ranking is according to Forbes last year. The growth is from the study of the company’s progression between 2013 and 2016. The study also ranked the DAMAC Properties owner as one of the top richest Arabs. Specifically, Hussain Sajwani is among the wealthiest individuals in the Arab world. The USA educated (University of Washington graduate) investor has taken one of the fastest growing industry, (real estate, and property development) as an investment route. For the last sixteen years, Hussain Sajwani has led the company to a path of significant business and growth. The company is one of the most successful business ventures in UAE.

Hussain Sajwani life has been a life of hard work, determination, and self-discipline. For the 37 years, he has been charge of different companies, serving in various capacities. The initial venture of Hussain Sajwani, however, was in the hospitality sector. However, he previously worked at a finance department in a gas company. The father of four is now a recipient of three awards; all won in the past 24 months. These awards include recognition of his efforts in the Real Estate business in UAE, CEO of the year (in property industry) and an appreciation of his hospitality venture.

He is more famous for his role in the growth of DAMAC Properties than in hospitality ventures. According to, the multi-functional company has been an ideal partner for more than 20,000 entities. Currently, the company has built over 40,000 units. DAMAC Properties under the watch of Hussain Sajwani has worked for both clients that are more prominent and relatively smaller entities. The quality of the property developed by the company has been termed as a trendsetter. The diversification explains the reason why the company has been moving to markets that are more competitive. These markets include the London real estate market and other Middle East markets.

Currently, Hussain Sajwani’s company is a public traded company. Going public has not only improved the company’s efficiency but has made the company expand more but also be a home for many employees. Hussain Sajwani strong work ethics and bigger vision are evident in DAMAC Properties.

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Victoria Doramus Teams Up With Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus, a marketing professional currently residing in England, has recently become a huge proponent for Best Friends Animal Society in New York. As a recovering addict herself, she has seen the world from different eyes than most people. Now, a part of her healing process is ‘paying it forward’ to lend a hand to others in need.

Best Friends Animal Society caught her attention because of their no-kill beliefs. Victoria Doramus can relate to their beliefs because it also applies to her beliefs about people. She believes people are deserving of every chance to succeed, regardless of their health or disabilities. The society believes that every animal deserves a fair chance, just like every person deserves a fair chance. Striving to take care of all animals, regardless of health or age, and find them suitable forever homes or provide facilities to house them for their entire natural life is their main purpose.

This phenomenal organization started almost 40 years ago. Back then, most abandoned animals were housed in facilities with little, if any, funding. If the animals were healthy, they might have a chance of survival and adoption. But, if something was wrong with them, they were most likely euthanized. A group of friends wanted to do something to help all of the poor, sick, and neglected animals that were doomed to an untimely death. So, they got together and found a place to house some of the sick animals and nurture them back to health. Over the years, their organization gained popularity and recognition and is now the Best Friends Animal Society.

Today, Best Friends Animal Society is ,thankfully, sponsored by thousands of supporters like Victoria Doramus who believe that every animal deserves a chance at happiness regardless of age or health.

Global Entrepreneur: Guilherme Paulus

CVC was launched in 1972 by Guilherme Paulus and his Brazilian politician partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in André, in São Paulo Brazil. His partner Cerchiari would move on to other endeavors within four years, but Guilherme Paulus stayed on board and worked hard to transform CVC. What started as a tiny company would bloom into the premier travel agency found in not only 400 mall locations Brazil but the whole of Latin America. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

Today CVC delivers an array of tourism bundles that include:

Domestic Packages

International Packages (Including International Exchanges)

Cruise Packages

Hotel and Resort Packages

Airline Accommodations

Tour Packages


Who Is Guilherme Paulus?

Guilherme Paulus was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1949. He studied Business Administration. He was an intern for IBM as a young man. At the young age of 24, he would create, nurture and expand CVC. The Carlyle group acquired 63.6% of CVC in 2009. Mr. Guilherme oversaw the deal that was reportedly over $400 million. People are anticipating shares to be listed very soon.

GJP Hotels And Resorts

In 2005 Guilherme Paulus created a getaway conglomerate with more than 19 hotels and resorts located in a dozen Brazilian destinations.

Mr.Paulus wisdom and experience spans more than five decades. He has a proven record of devising a winning formula and strategy for the tourism world. With intentions of launching a hundred stores every year, CVC is slated to be very busy in the coming years. He constantly devises unique and original ideas that work. He has structured travel bundles that have travelers happy and competitors following the leader.

In 2023, CVC opened on the stock exchange floor with great success. It currently earns over $5 billion a year.

Mr. Paulus’s Philanthropy

He is not only concerned with entrepreneurship but he is also very much into enriching the community. CVC enables young people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps by providing training. They offer various programs such as the PIET project, the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and the Dr. Kalide Care and Education Institution. These programs aim to empower the youth to be financially strengthened with a career in tourism and knowledge of entrepreneurship.

It will be interesting to see what’s in store for this power moving making businessman. It’s no wonder that he is a billionaire who won the entrepreneur of the year award by IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine.

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Duda Melzer’s Climb to the Top

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian family based business entrepreneur. His primary company of Grupo RBS focuses on mainstream media such as news, radio, and television. Since Duda has taken over as CEO, the company has begun in digital media. e.Bricks Digital and Ventures are companies that have been founded by Duda within recent history. The companies provide an outlet for the media of Grupo RBS and also for other companies. The Ventures division provides venture capital funding for businesses that show a strong aptitude for success online. Duda saw the potential for Brazil to grow into a leader in communications online and has been working towards this goal ever since.

According to Globo, Duda Melzer’s background began with working for his family’s company. He attended college in Brazil and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul.he then went on to earn an MBA from Harvard. This prestigious credential helped him form many connections with influential business leaders including his mentors. Duda has since taken courses at Harvard on topics such as media and family enterprise. Duda also spent time working in the US after graduating college.

Upon returning to Brazil, Duda Melzer was ready to take the post as CEO of Grupo RBS. His work as an analyst and director of a media company in New York City prepared him well for this position. Duda’s uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, passed the title forward to his nephew. Duda made some organizational changes and continued to incorporate his family into the business. He considers them to be one of the biggest reasons for his success. While Duda Melzer may seem to be all about business, his philosophy and background show that he is very much a family man. He also makes time for his family and children in his day to day life.

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Hussain Sajwani has Come a Long Way from the Food Business

Muslim businessman and entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani has had a remarkable career. His track record as an investor is almost unbelievable. His net worth is estimated at 3.7 billion USD.

Sajwani came from humble beginnings. The first born child of middle class parents he matured quickly. His earliest memories of desiring to pursue a career in business come from his father. When he was growing up his father owned a watch shop.

It wasn’t the most profitable or glamorous, but it put food on the table nonetheless. His entrepreneurial spirit grew stronger once he entered high school. By this time, he was entirely sure that business was the correct career choice for him.

After graduating high school, Sajwani went on to attend the University of Washington, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering.

Though mostly known as the founder, chairman, and CEO of DAMAC Properties, as well as, just an overall real estate tycoon, he hasn’t forgot about where he started in the business world.

Sajwani was an expert in the food industry well before making the career shift to property market expansion. He founded Al Jazeira Services, a catering and support services company, in 1982.

The catering service quickly expanded and began catering construction campsites, army camps, educational institutions, and 5-star hotels in various locations including the Middle East, Africa and the CIS.

In 1991 the catering service gained notoriety for its outstanding food service to the U.S. military during operation desert storm. Al Jazeira serves roughly 150,000 meals daily and is still a high functioning part of the DAMAC Group.

Something many people may not know, is Sajwani is good friends with the United States President Donald Trump. The two steadily grew closer after they became business partners on a project that involved developing luxury golf courses in Dubai. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The Trump Organization managed the project. Sajwani hopes to do more deals with his friend once he has some free time.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC is a global property development company established in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. It specializes in developing luxury properties and is a market leader.

Founder Hussain Sajwani does passionate philanthropy work through DAMAC’s hospitality division, DAMAC Maison. Specifically charitable work that helps needy children in the community.