Betsy DeVos: Fighting for a Better Education

Education systems in the United States of America are in turmoil. They require a strong leader with a firm hand to get them back in line. Betsy DeVos signifies everything that these organizations need to get back on track. She was selected to be Secretary of Education because she showed an extreme amount of detail and precision in her work. While she is an advocate for “school choice” she is also dedicated to the process of learning in general. Her work has already shown that she is not a pushover in any respect. The recent decision to pull back a federal policy for transgender students is just one arena where she proved her merit.


The article detailing the situation can be found at under the article “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter”. The article once people understand how far Betsy DeVos will go to protect the people that matter to her. As the Secretary of Education, the people that matter most to her are the children that function underneath of her office. She also has a special affinity to the administration and staff members. Instead of rolling with the punches and following the direction of the individuals that helped push for her recent appointment Betsy DeVos fought against the pullback of the federal policy. She believed that it was necessary for students in this situation to have that policy. She was unable to stop the decision but she did maintain constant communication with those that would be affected by the policy change.


This signifies how strong she is in the face of adversity. Her life is not always been the easy one that people expect. She has stood behind a very polarizing issue for much of her career. “School choice” is the proposed idea that parents should not have to adhere to government guidelines when it comes to where they send their children to school. Instead, Betsy DeVos and her supporters propose that parents be able to choose their children’s school much like they choose their hairstylists. It is unfair that parents are placed in a position where they’re not able to make this choice and the government has intervened to tell them what is best for their children.


Early on, Betsy DeVos face a lot of pushback on this issue. This is where she cut her teeth in the political arena. She knew that she needed to fight hard to get people to understand this issue. It wasn’t that people were interested in having the power over their child’s education, it was that they had been convinced over a number of years that this is the best option for their children when it came to their education. Betsy DeVos now spends her time working with the public school system for change and advocating the importance of alternative education. Parents have had more access to this additional information they ever have before. It is the hope of Betsy DeVos and her supporters that he will continue to gain knowledge in these alternative fields of education and make informed decisions.


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Peace, Equality, and Justice in Association with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There many groups that have come up to fight the injustices and oppression in the society. Philanthropic organizations are different and deal with varying aspects of injustice in the community. They are inspired to begin the groups by different incidences in their life.

They are fighting to achieve a world where everyone is treated with dignity and equality regardless of who they are. Some of the humanitarian groups in the nation include;

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund supports the philanthropic organizations that fight for human, civil and immigrants’ rights. The Group was formed by the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been well recognized for fighting for their legal battles.

They began the group with the $3.75 million that they got as apprehension settlement from the case of Sheriff Joe following the unlawful arrest he made. The duo published his evil deeds as their newspapers headline, which led to the arrest.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA Group is located in California. They work to ensure that the immigrants and their families are treated with dignity.

The 1986 act is what led to the foundation of the group. The act restricted the employees from hiring undocumented citizens. The act was, therefore, going to encourage abuse and exploitation of labor.

Every group has its strategy in implementing their policies. The CHIRLA Group uses the power of the crowd. This means that they empower the public by educating them.

After enlightening the society and having their support, this becomes their weapon. They go ahead and change the bad immigrant’s right policies and implement others.

The CHIRLA Group aims at ensuring that the immigrants are involved in the decision making in the state.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is in the leading line of the world’s human rights organizations. The foundation has been in this battle for more than 30 years. Over the years, well-wishers and supporters have assisted the staff in making the change that the world needs.

The Advocates for Human Rights objective is to create a uniform human rights platform and implement them.

The group also supports immigrants who may be lost and are looking for the humanitarian group to help them.

The foundation also researches on the individuals who are engaging in the violation of human rights and ensure they face the consequences.

The organization has made a significant change in the world.

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