The Liberal George Soros

To know is to become. George Soros did not become a generous and an avid defender of liberty and human freedoms by staying ignorantly in the confines of comfort and high birth. George Soros, the liberal billionaire, and arguably the most generous man, did not rise to become one of the most influential billionaire Democrats in American history from remaining silent and frugal to the cries of humanity either. The man is wealthy and wise, generous and strategic. As an immigrant who hailed from a country ravished by war and genocide at his birth, George Soros has rightfully earned his spot among the world’s most generous givers. A brief story about the country of origin, his rise to wealth and fortune and his philanthropic pursuits might help exemplify the argument.

George Soros was born in Hungary when the Nazi Regime sort to annihilate all Jews in Europe. In pursuit of that evil intent to massacre Jews, the Nazis encroached on Hungary and seized it. They were successful in their endeavor for massacre but unsuccessful in accomplishing their objective to wipe all Hungarian Jews out of existence. The Soros family were an intelligent and discerning lot. Thankfully for the other Jews that were fortunate to have been around them in those dangerous times, the Soros family was also generous and accommodating. George Soros and his family forged documents faking their Jewish identities to escape imminent persecution and death. They also provided the same protection to other Jews who were to be killed for nothing else but their identities. Learn more on about George Soros.

Later, George Soros fled to London where he worked two shifts, one as a manual laborer and the other as a casual laborer. The railway job made him hard and resilient while his job at a nightclub allowed him to observe human nature and how they spent their money. Both jobs made good in raising the school fees he needed to learn at the London School of Economics. He later moved to the United States to put his financial and economic skills to good use.

By 1979, Soros had already earned so much money in investments that he could have afforded to open a hedge fund. He went on further to make over one billion dollars in a day and earned the title of ‘the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.’ By then, he had got enough confidence to take on the oppression of minorities by funding activists and lobby groups that sort to use peaceful means to resolve racial and ethnic conflict and discrimination. One of his most notable achievements in his liberal agenda includes;

  • Creating the Open Society Foundations
  • Giving scholarships to Africa Scholars who were fighting the Apartheid Regime
  • Introducing Critical Thinking to the Soviet Union after the Berlin Wall was demolished
  • Coordinating the Ferguson Protests from the ugly and violent protests that they were to the peaceful national campaign against police brutality and racial profiling. He funded social media campaigns, national bus rides, and coordinated protests. He spent over 13 million dollars in cash and mobilized groups that benefit from his funding perennially to contribute positively to the whole concept. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

Betsy DeVos Has A Few Positive Ideas For Our Children’s Education

Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education who sits on President Donald Trump’s cabinet. She is in charge of leading our nation’s educational policy, and she has great influence over many different programs. One area where Betsy has been very active over the years has been as an advocate of school choice and school vouchers for students and parents.

There is no doubt that we are in the position of the “haves and the have-nots” when it comes to education in America. We do still have a crisis in the inner cities and very rural areas of the country, and even after over 70 years of spending billions of dollars on education, we are not making any progress. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Test scores and ultimate outcomes are the determining factors of how well our educational system works, and the areas that need the most work, still have the least satisfactory results. Our educational systems still only rank 14th in the world, and we are judged to be the 2nd most ignorant country in the world.

This is why Betsy DeVos clings to the philosophy of allowing parents and students choices in where and how they wish to receive educational instruction. Betsy makes the point very plain when she asks why does a students’ formal education have to be tied to a zip code and one building when we have so many technological alternatives available.

Just about every student from all walks of life in the United States knows how to operate a smartphone or a tablet. There is the perfect device to introduce as a primary way to deliver education in multiple locations, even at home. Betsy was very involved in the Detroit publically funded Charter School project where very positive gains were made in student’s test scores in reading, where the scores nearly doubled those of the public school students. Graduation rates were way up too, compared to the public schools.

The environment was the same, and the town was the same, but the Charter schools did better. Evidence from other pilot projects have had similar results, but the entrenched public school system refuses to acknowledge anything new. With most of the budget for public schools going to buildings, administrative salaries, and yes, teacher salaries, there is not much enthusiasm for any divergence.

DeVos repeatedly has pointed out that more money from the Federal Government hasn’t worked up to now, and it is not going to work in the future. Money is not the answer, but innovation is. She points out that new ideas like Uber, Lyft, Apple, and driverless cars can pop up in real life and become effective very quickly, but the old, failed ideas of public education still hang on.

People wrongly accuse DeVos of wanting to do away with teachers, suburban schools, and all of that, but that is simply political fearmongering. Her take on all of the hype is to stick with what is working, but the areas that are not working need change. Read more news on


End Citizens United Fighting for Reforms

During the campaign time in America, politicians and other donors spend an unlimited and untraceable amount of money. However, End Citizens United believes there should be a level of accountability. They believe the use of the strong financial muscle by business magnates with an aim of tipping the political power in their favor is not right. Therefore, End Citizens United seeks to reform the campaign expenditure in order to monitor any expenditure that is not meant for the good. The reformist group is seeking to increase momentum of the idea of cutting down on the campaign expenditure in order to make the lawmakers take action. This is because they believe billionaires use their money to buy election victory.

Mission Statement

The focus of the reformist movement is to combat the use of financial muscle to rig elections. It also seeks to elect people who are passionate about the campaign expenditure. The reformists who will be elected to fight the dark money will also help to end the unlimited money in the political culture of America. They will also put the issue of big money during elections as a national issue. The movement has been supporting the Democrats who are passionate about reviewing the way politicians and donors spend money during campaigns. This is because they believe the political campaigns that are surrounded by unlimited use of money, end up influencing the outcome of the elections. The focus of the movement is also to emphasize on political spending.

Making the Name a Reality

The focus of End Citizens United is to reserve a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The decision gave a clean bill of health to political donors and other rich politicians to bring the issue of dark money. The number of people in the movement has grown to 325,000. It has also seen a great growth in the number of people who have signed up in their email list. This is because over 4 million people have registered. This will help them to reach out to people who are potential liberal supporters and get grass root support. The movement has also been making its name a realty by announcing that it has endorsed 11 candidates in the Democratic Party.

The focus of End Citizens United is to end dark-money groups. In relation to this plan, the movement seeks to have an independent expenditure arm. The purpose of the arm will be to follow up on the expenditure on television ads, polling and direct mailers. Political experts have commented that the work of End Citizens United is commendable. This is because the pressure it mounts on the Supreme Court makes it easy for the legal arm not to make worse decisions in future.