The Lung Institute Knows Pulmonary Fibrosis

Stem cells had always been in a controversial position in the United States. The climate may be changing thanks to the groundbreaking research from The Lung Institute. The institute was featured in Lifestyles After 50 for their work on pulmonary fibrosis.

An elderly man named Joseph decided that all of his options had run out and turned to the Lung Institute in Tampa. Since 2015, he has been receiving experimental stem cell treatment in order to improve his pulmonary fibrosis. He previously had a difficult life since his breathing problems had started. Walking up a flight of stair without an oxygen tank was seen as impossible. Now after multiple treatments, he is able to function without his oxygen tank.

Joseph’s doctors were absolutely stunned at how his oxygen levels bounced back to normal. Normally having oxygen levels of 80 to 85, he now is at a level of 99. This sort of transformation may sway the medical industry into a positive view towards stem cells. If only regulatory agencies will open their mind, treatments like this may be available nationwide. Follow the latest news about stem cell legalization from the Lung Institute’s official Twitter page.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is probably the most famous amongst lung diseases. Since previous generations were such heavy smokers, many baby boomers are now stuck with major lung damage. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, the primary cause of COPD is smoking, so those that were foolish to continue are paying the price. Some patients have also been exposed to years of pollutants in the workplace, increasing their chances even more. The only way to significantly improve lung damage is with stem cell treatment.

COPD patients that have advanced in their disease will be unable to function without oxygen tanks. Some are even doomed to be bedridden, according to a typical doctor. Thanks to the latest treatments by the Lung Institute, COPD patients will be able to improve enough to return to their previous lives. Many testimonials on show success stories of patients getting back into sports or the workplace. There are more success stories posted on their official Facebook page.

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