Two Important Aspects That Make The WEN By Chaz Line Unique

There are two major aspects that set the line of Wen cleansing conditioners apart from all the rest. The first aspect is found in the product’s combined features. Not only does WEN combine a cleanser with a conditioner, but it also works as a detangler and deep conditioner.

This unique combination of products saves people time and money in caring for their hair. It also allows WEN to clean hair without removing the essential oils needed to maintain flexibility, shine and good health. This is a beneficial aspect for people who have issues with dry, brittle hair.

The second major aspect that makes WEN’s line of cleansing conditioners unique is found in the ingredients. Each version of WEN uses botanical extracts that are specially selected to address specific issues. This means the wild cherry, olive leaf and hyacinth used in WEN’s Spring Cherry Blossom to add moisture, strength and volume to hair will perform as stated. In addition, each blend of plant extracts contained within WEN also enrich hair with vitamins and amino acids that help restore and repair hair.

Making Hair Healthy

WEN’s creator Chaz Dean, had a specific goal in mind when he set out to create his own line of hair care products. After working as a top hair stylist for an elite salon in Bel Air he developed a following of clients, many of whom were well known celebrities in Hollywood. Quickly advancing within the ranks of his profession, Mr. Dean eventually purchased the salon for himself. This is when he decided to work on creating a line of hair care products that would not only clean hair, but would actually help restore it to its naturally healthy state. Chaz Dean was able to accomplish WEN by adding natural plant extracts to the formulas he used for his line of cleansing conditioners.

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