Serge Belamant: The Creator of NET1

Serge belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953 and Moved to South Africa at the age of 14 with his family. He attended Highlands North High school for boys and had to learn to speak and write English. Nevertheless he excelled in sports such as rugby, athletics as well as chess so much that was awarded full colors. He matriculated in 1972 with a university exemption pass to Witwatersrand University and took engineering.

However, serge belamant switched courses to computer science and applied mathematics. He went on to discontinue his studies after 2 years and took courses in information system through UNISA. He has over 20 years of expertise in the field of operation research, biometrics, security, AI & on-line and off-line transaction processing systems.

From October 1989 Semptember 1995, Serge was the MD for NET1. From October 2000 –May 31 2017, he was the consultant during the development of a proprietary preauthorized payment card. Serge Belamant spent 10 years working with controlled data cope rations where he bagged a couple of international awards. He led the designing, developing, implementing and operating the Saswitch ATM chain in South Africa.

During the first few years, net1 attempted to provide its UEPS system to various institutions with no success. However in 1995, visa agreed with net1 for Serge belamant to design and develop COPAC. He had to move to the U.S.A for the project. Online being the best way of people to get in touch with him. He has all the available and the necessary online platforms for his ventures. He has also filed patents for a couple of inventions that range from biometric to gaming related inventions management.

Information technology, information architecture, computer science and leadership are some of the skills he has which has enabled him to be the proud founder of zilch technologies which is on a mission to awake dormant customer base and convert browsers to buyers. Regions, European Union (E.U)

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Talk Fusion Founder, Bob Reina Talks To Inspirey

Bob Reina, the man who created video marketing and communication company, Talk Fusion did an interview with the online publication, Inspirey ( This online publication interviews some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and top executives. Inspirey asked Bob Reina about his company and his own journey to creating one of the world’s leading video and marketing companies.


One of the questions given to Bob Reina was how does he make make money in his business. Reina responded by saying that his success is contingent directly on the success of other people. As a direct selling company, Reina’s company is profitable only if other people achieve success in the sales part of the business. Reina says that he gets a paycheck when other people achieve their dreams.Learn more :


The next question that Bob Reina was asked at his interview was how long did it take for him to turn Talk Fusion into a profitable company. Reina first described his foray into network marketing. He recalls that at times his phone bill was more than his commission paycheck. Despite this, he never lost hop or became discouraged. He just tried harder and did not settle for an average result. Reina said he wanted to go above and beyond. With lots of hard work and time, Mr. Reina found a strategy that worked and that could be utilized by his colleagues. This eventually led to a breakthrough in the network marketing industry for him.Learn more :


At Talk Fusion, Bob Reina experienced profitability much more quickly. Mr. Reina says he believes he created the right product at exactly the right time. This helped him achieve success and consequently profitability quite rapidly.


Bob Reina says that every profitable company lives by the same philosophy essentially. This philosophy is to identify a problem and then create a solution for that problem. If you want to really achieve success, your solution must be superior to anybody else’s. Otherwise you will have a lot of competition and not be able to get the lion’s share of a market which is needed to be profitable. Reina said that at Talk Fusion, he has created a video marketing solution that is top of the line. His success is proved by the fact that his product is used in over 140 countries.Learn more :