Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Get Regular and Seamless Communication Services

One of the companies that have been able to make its mark in the correctional industry as soon as it entered the market is Securus Technologies. The company made its name in this highly competitive sphere due to rapid research and development as well as offering innovative products and services. Securus Technologies is known to invest millions into the correctional technology development, which is what has helped the firm to devise some of the most unusual yet highly effective products and services.


At the moment, Securus Technologies holds over 600 patents, but that figure is expected to rise in the days to come. The company ensures that its customers get high-quality products and services. It serves to more than 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies across North America, and more than 12 million customers use the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. The company for long has been dominating the correctional industry because it offers a broad range of products. Some of the most popular services provided by Securus Technologies are video services, video visitation, phone services, calling cards, money transfer service, and more.


Such services help the inmates to lead a normal life inside the prison as well while staying in contact with their loved ones. Not being able to keep in touch with the relatives and friends can often heightens the stress levels of inmates, but such communication opportunities keep stress at bay. And, as per some surveys, the inmate communication services also help in reducing the crime rate inside the prison. The investigative services offered by Securus Technologies are also very efficient, which is so many law enforcement agencies trust their services. It helps the law enforcement officials to work in a safe environment and ensure that criminals do not get an upper hand over them. Such services help tremendously in keeping communities safe.

Discovering Ways Inmates get Drugs with Securus Technologies

Perhaps the most frustrating part about working as a corrections officer is seeing the inmates getting their hands on illegal drugs at will. That is a direct reflection of our failure to keep the jail secure, and it appears the issue is getting worse. Inmates can often be heard talking about how it is easier to get drugs in the jail than it was when they used to try while out on the streets.


Despite the way it looks, me and my fellow officers are working hard behind the scenes each day trying to stop the flow of drugs to those inmates. We start each day by carefully checking every visitor who comes to visit the inmates. Between body searches and x-ray scans, we are hard at work trying to make sure nothing gets from visitor to inmate. Then you have to add into the mix that some visitors don’t even realize some of the things they carry around could be used as weapons in the hands of inmates. Things like pens can become stabbing devices in the wrong hands, so we really have our work cut out for us.


Each day we are working to surprise inmates with cell inspections, and we recover a large amount of contraband. We have several drug dogs we take with us on the rounds to see if we can uncover anything in the cells that doesn’t belong. These inmates spend up to 23-hours a day in those cells and we spend a few minutes, so we really have to take the time to check every inch before we move on to another cell or we are going to allow these inmates to overtake one another.


Our superior decided that in an effort to help make this task easier, we were going to be trained on the new Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system so we could better listen in to what the inmates were taking about to their families. This company is run by CEO Rick Smith and in 2,600 jails around the country. What impressed me was the system was going to take the place of several officers manning the phones, so we could utilize their efforts elsewhere.


Once my team got comfortable with the LBS software, we began studying the calls more intently to put an end to this drug problem. We began hearing chatter about inmates who were discussing ways friends could slip them drugs carefully at the visitor center. One call revealed which inmates were in fact using drugs and how they hid the drugs from officers. In less than a month we have already seen a noticeable difference in the amount of contraband the inmates have had access to.


Securus Technologies Making A Difference To The World By Reducing Crimes

Securus Technologies is a technology company that specializes in the law enforcement and correctional facilities industry. The company offers many different services like information management system, investigation tools, emergency response system, biometric analysis, inmate services and much more. The company has it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas but offers its services to not just the prisons and correctional facilities in the United States but the neighboring countries as well. The company presently serves more than 1.2 million inmates in around 2,600 correctional facilities across the country and abroad.


Securus Technologies rarely needs any introduction as it is well known in the industry for its exceptional products and services that help prevent crimes and catch criminals with proofs. The company has customer service department that works 24 hours and 365 days a year to support their clients. All of their customer service executives are well trained to handle different situations. The company already has 140 patents and many more pending for approval.


As an officer with the Sheriff Department, I have seen how Securus Technologies have significantly changed the way we work. After they installed their LBS software, we have been able to recover millions worth of illegal drugs, assets, and cash from criminals trying to hide it from us. I can truly say that without the use of their software, it would have been tough to know anything about them and to charge the people for it. While the Sheriff Department is being applauded for its excellent work, it is actually the software that has made it possible. We have no problem in renewing our services with them and would be glad to use many other products that they bring to us. I also want to thank their customer service department who have dedicated executives always ready to help us when we get stuck.