Groups Advocating for Civil, Human and Immigrants Rights

Several organizations are coming out to assist victims of discrimination acts like racial profiling. The primary objective of these teams is to fight for human, civil and migrants’ rights.

Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights

The coalition for humane immigrants’ rights was established in 1986 following the 1986 immigration reform and control act that made it illegal to hire an employee without proper documentation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The California based organization has become a leader in fighting for vulnerable individuals and families. Their main agenda is to have a community that is inclusive including immigrants.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The advocates for human rights was started in 1983. Its main agenda is to create comprehensive, long-lasting and inclusive change on local, regional and global human rights standard. It has been involved in investigating and representing refugees and immigrants who are seeking asylum.

It also equips groups that are working to protect human rights. The advocate for human rights even engages the policymakers and the public to push for legal modifications and sound policy for refugees and immigrants.

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

The American president John F Kennedy in 1963 requested for the formation of this non-profit and non-partisan organization. The organization is involved in fighting for civil rights with the aim of eradicating racial discrimination. Its primary objective is to fight for minority groups to get equal opportunity in the community. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

The committee also campaigns against activities that might lead to economic disparity and racial discrimination. Their other focus is to represent African American to get justice in cases of racial discrimination.

The other groups that the committee works to protect are the racial and ethnic minority; this team usually suffers economic disparity.

American Civil liberties Union

The American civil liberties union is a project focused on immigrants’ rights. They fight against both private and public discrimination against immigrants. The union has been on the frontline fighting for immigrants rights for the last 25 years.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael and Jim have funded migrant rights organization across Arizona with the money that came from their arrest. The two who are also the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times gave out $3.75 million settlement resulting from their detention.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested the two journalists after learning about the relationship between their notes on Sheriff about the grand jury proceedings.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had earlier made an effort to have first amendment rights implemented. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund have given the money to groups that fight for human, civil, and migrant rights. They also advocate for freedom of speech throughout Arizona and to the Mexican border.


What Investigative Journalism Website Front Page Confidential Has To Say About Untruthful Politicians

Back in 2007, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were working for the Phoenix New Times, an independent newspaper. They were both arrested one night for doing their jobs of reporting on the news. People working for other newspapers soon found out about this and soon newspapers across the United States were reporting on their arrests. This resulted in their release from jail and all charges against them being dropped. The real reason they were arrested was that they had often published negative stories about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and how he was consistently victimizing innocent people, especially people from the Hispanic Community. The sued and won a cash settlement that was nearly $4 million. The decided to use the money to set up a charitable organization called Frontera Fund. They say their fund can’t provide justice for the victims of Joe Arpaio and his ilk but on the other hand neither can the American justice system.

Since leaving the Phoenix New Times they have set up a new investigative journalism website called Front Page Confidential. They established this website in August 2017 and their goal is to expose untrustworthy politicians for what they are. They often target Joe Arpaio since he is running for one of Arizona’s US Senate seats in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. They also often report on Arizona’s Senator John McCain. They recently had a report published on Front Page Confidential about John McCain’s many sins, such as being a warmonger and opportunist. They point out that mainstream broadcasts feature people such as Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes basically fawning all over John McCain because he has revealed he has brain cancer. She continued the common theme that John McCain is some type of maverick even though he almost always votes strictly along Republican lines.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; In Defense of Human, Civil and Migrant Rights

It is easy for the rights of people to be violated by others in the society, especially when these people do not have a strong voice to defend themselves, or when there is no one to speak out on their behalf.

Fortunately, there are those who have come out to advocate for civil, human and migrant rights strongly. One of the groups that have come out to do this is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA).

CHIRLA is a group that operates in California and focusses on fighting for the rights of immigrant families and individuals. Their goal is to ensure that all people can participate in a democracy and nation building, regardless of whether they are citizens or not.

They envision a society where migrants shall be involved in important decisions that concern the country, and they shall have equal opportunity when it comes to rendering services, without anyone taking advantage of them because of their status. They firmly believe that your freedom of mobility should not deny you the freedom to be part of participatory democracy.

The formation of the group was necessitated by the passing on legislation in 1986 which made it illegal for a company to hire undocumented staff. This, therefore, made it possible for businesses to take advantage of the undocumented, and violate their rights since, because of their status, they could not go and report such acts. It was an opening which was sure to be exploited by the oppressive opportunistic, and groups like CHIRLA had to come in and seal this.

CHIRLA achieves its goal by empowering people to shape public opinion and advocate for laws and policies which make attainment of civil and labor rights possible to as many people as possible. They have shown that it is possible for oppressive laws and policies to be changed or formulated to give a result that includes the usually disadvantaged.

For bodies such as CHIRLA to succeed in their endeavors, there must be a way in which they can finance their operations, which is usually through donations and other forms of financial aid.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund is one such avenue whose primary goal is to finance bodies which advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It was set apart out of the court settlement money which its two co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – journalists – received when they won a case relating to their wrongful arrest.

They decided to use this money to create a fund through which they would be able to finance other groups, such as the CHIRLA, to enable them adequately carry out their activities in an efficient way.

Their scope is within the Arizona state. They have been able to empower people about their rights. They also act as a watchdog, calling out on legislation which erodes gains realized in human rights. In addition to this, they put pressure on the government to desist from acts that undermine the rights of others.

When groups such as these exist, we are assured of a society where the rights of others shall not be run over by those who feel they can exploit them without question.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Hispanics Need Not Be Treated as Criminals

Do you desire to make a difference in this world? Do you believe that you are capable of eradicating some evil that exists on this planet? I know that my dream is to stop the evil that exists in the hearts of mankind. Now I understand I cannot do all, I do understand that I can do some.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin desire to stamp out the evil of racism that is occurring in the United States of America toward Mexicans, Hispanics, and Latinos. They are capable of doing this through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund as well as their media corporation the Village Voice Media. In fact, these organizations were born out of a racial injustice that occurred to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

In their advocacy for immigration reform these two brave men have come up against the vindictive Sheriff known as Joseph Arpaio of the Maricopa County Police Department. They published his evil crimes for the world to see which included brutality, racially profiling Hispanics, abuse of women, and the negligence of children.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio always believed he was above the law and he manipulated the court system so that he could obtain an illegal warrant to silence Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. He entered into their homes and told them they no longer had the freedom of speech necessary in order to report on the findings about him. He tried to save their meddling in an investigation and were obstructing justice, which of course was not true.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would not let their American rights be violated like that and they ended up winning a settlement which was given to them by the United States of America. That money started the Lacey and Larkin on which advocates for immigration reform.


Now Its Newly Named Chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Legacy Is Permanently Tied To Bradesco

One of the most successful financial institutions in Brazil is Banco Bradesco. The bank is worth slightly less than half a billion dollars and directly employs over a hundred thousand people. Formed 74 years ago, the bank has largely been able to ensure sustained success through effective leadership. Despite its fairly long existence, the bank has only had four presidents: Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, Marcio Cypriano and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. It has also only had three chairmen: Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

As can be seen in the above breakdown, Lazaro Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco have played particularly essential roles at Bradesco. Until October 2017, Lazaro Brandao was the chairman of the bank’s board. His tenure ended following his decision to resign from the position. He had been the chairman since 1990. Now aged 91, many stakeholders understood and even welcomed his decision to resign.

After more than seven decades of diligently serving the bank, Lazaro Brandao is well deserving of the opportunity to get some rest and spend time with his family. Brandao’s vacated position was taken up by Bradesco’s fourth president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Since the size of the bank prevents one from holding both the positions of president and chairman at the same time, the bank has decided to find a new president to take over from Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

The incoming president will be the fifth in Bradesco extensive history. However, he/she is not expected to be named until at least March 2013. This is down to the fact that the bank’s bylaws restrict the duration in which the board can select a new president to only 30 days before the shareholders’ meeting which is held in March every year.


Since it is not practical to leave the position of president vacant even for a day, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will have to extend his nine-year tenure as Bradesco president by a few more months. While concurrently serving in these two positions at a bank as huge as Bradesco will no doubt be hard, few will dispute the assertion that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is more than equal to the task.

Despite the new president not being selected anytime soon, many have still been speculating as to who will be chosen as the next president at Bradesco. In line with the bank’s highly respected culture, the next president will be selected from among the large pool of talent at Bradesco. This move will result in a much smoother transition process as the incoming president will not spend a considerable amount of time attempting to adjust to a new organization, as would be the case if the incoming president is sourced from outside the bank. Among the most exemplary executives at the bank and the strongest contenders for the post are Mauricio Minas, Alexandre Gluher, Octavio Lazari and Josue Pancini.

Being named chairman at Bradesco is a great achievement for Luiz Carlos Trabuco . His legacy will now be permanently etched in the bank’s history. However, that is not to mean that he will take his foot off the gas in his new position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has gotten to where he is today largely due to his work rate and passion for the bank. Consequently, expect him to continue strategically growing the Bradesco brand in collaboration with the incoming president.

Additionally, he will continue championing the fight to make Bradesco the largest private bank in the country again. After five decades of holding that honorable position, it lost it in 2009 to newly created rival Itau Unibanco.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,trabuco-afirma-que-anuncio-de-substituto-pode-acontecer-antes-do-calendario-de-sucessao,70002039084

Doubling Of Trade between Israel and the UK Attributed To Outgoing Ambassador Taub

Trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled over the four-year tenure of outgoing Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub. He is scheduled to resign from the post this summer, according to a statement from Israel’s embassy in the UK.

The statement noted that the four years since Ambassador Taub took his position had seen Israel-U.K. trade double. The report added that the same period saw academic, cultural and business links between the two nations deepen significantly. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Speaking to an audience of the British Israeli Business Awards, Sajid Javid, Britain’s Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills said that the trade between Israel and Britain had entered what he termed as a ‘golden era.’

Figures from the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce show that more than 300 Israeli businesses operate in the United Kingdom. It also adds that the annual bilateral trade value is more than $5.5 billion while Javid placed the figure at almost $7 billion.

A Renowned Peace Negotiator

The UK-born Taub was appointed as the Israeli ambassador in 2011. At one point he, along with his Palestinian counterpart, went to visit Northern Ireland as a peace negotiator and also to learn what the situation there was like during that period. Read more

In 2012, several years before the most critical students’ union in Britain took a vote that adopted a boycott of Britain, Taub was interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle where he voiced his concern regarding the atmosphere that Jewish students experienced in certain college campuses. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He warned college administrators to ensure that all views, including those that offered support to Israel, should be freely expressed without fear or intimidation.

A defiant Taub visited Bradford in 2014after its parliamentary representative, George Galloway, said that the city was an ‘Israel-free zone.’ Taub’s successor is yet to be appointed.

Taub’s Future Plans

As a veteran diplomat with more than 25 years’ experience in the ministry, he has had a spell acting as a principal deputy advisor on legal affairs and played a crucial role in negotiations held with Syria and the Palestinians.

Previously, he had been tipped to take over as chief legal counsel for the ministry on returning to Jerusalem from London. However, it was later announced that Taub would take up the role of director of planning and strategy at Yad Hanadiv.

The organization, which works alongside several Rothschild family charities, is currently focused on improving education and boosting academic excellence among the Arab community.

Mike Baur helps would-be entrepreneurs in Switzerland to get it right in their businesses.

A business startup can be described as an enterprise that is in its infant stages of developing a product or a service that the founders wish to introduce to the market. The founders of such ventures finance most of their startups. Additional financing for startup businesses can be obtained from investors and venture capitalists.


However, most investors and venture capitalists shy off from investing in startups since they come with considerable risks. They can as well grow into huge opportunities. One notable thing with startups is that they have huge returns on investments if they are run in the right manner. Most of the tech-based firms are driven by research and the urge to provide new products and services that have high market demand.


Due to their risky nature, startup ventures ought to be handled with a lot of care for them to succeed. Young entrepreneurs need access to capital to finance their businesses. Most of these enterprises fail due to lack of adequate money to fund their operations. Besides capital, young entrepreneurs also need a lot of guidance from investors who have excelled in their fields.


Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman who founded the Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland. Mike utilizes his business skills and experience as a financial advisor to help entrepreneurs grow their startup ventures. Mike was born in Freiburg, Switzerland. Having been in the business world for more than two decades, Mike understands the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


A solid educational background backs his skills and experience in the banking industry. Mike Baur earned his business degrees from two Universities; Bern and Rochester. He launched his career in the banking sector when he was only sixteen years old. Before establishing Swiss Startup Factory, Mike had worked in the Swiss banking sector for more than two decades.


In his career, Mike served as a financial advisor to individuals and institutions. He offered valuable advice to banks, organizations, and entrepreneurs who sought his services. Mike was among the most sought-after financial advisors despite his young age while in the banking industry.


After a successful career in the Swiss banking industry, Mike found it worthy to quit his lucrative job and begin a venture that would help other businesses to grow. It was then that he and Max established Swiss Startup Factory. As a banker, Mike realized that many startup ventures in Switzerland were facing a myriad of challenges that made most of them fall.


How attacks on the DACA Program would affect the United States

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan was established the U.S government to allow undocumented youths that meet certain requirements to live in the country. Immigrants who have been registered under the program have social security numbers, can get decent jobs in the U.S, and also have amnesty from deportation. The permits that are issued to the DACA beneficiaries are valid for only two years and can be renewed once they expire. Some states have been friendly to these individuals since they allow them to benefit from in-state-tuition fees and issue them driver’s licenses. DACA is currently being threatened by the extremist supporters of the Republican Party. The move has caused panic among leading organizations and networks that were founded by undocumented immigrants across the country.


Ken Paxton, who is the AG of Texas, recently wrote a letter that requested President Donald Trump to abolish the DACA program. Paxton needed action to be taken by September 5, or he would take go to court. His letter had the names of one governor and nine other attorney generals. The ending of the plan will be systematic whereby applications and renewals will not be allowed. Homeland Security’s secretary, John Kelly, had a lengthy closed door meeting with members of the Hispanic Caucus. Kelly said that DACA had benefited over 800,000 people who could be deported if the program is eliminated. According to him, several cases have been filled in courts across the country demanding for the abolition of the program,


Dreamers and immigrant rights advocates have been talking about the unfortunate issue, and John Kelly’s statements worry them more. The DACA program has been active since 2012, and it has assisted in improving the United States in different ways. About 95 percent of the individuals who have registered to the plan are employed, students, or both. The country’s higher learning institutions benefit from the millions of dollars that the undocumented immigrants pay. Most of these individuals work hard to earn a high income and are subject to high taxes. Their earnings are spent in establishing businesses, acquiring houses, and cars.


The attacks on the DACA plan makes Dreamers have an unpredictable future in the United States. The individuals who might be affected should work together to ensure that the program is not eliminated. People should push for a solution that would last forever such as a Dream Act law. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has always pledged to ensure that the immigrants are treated fairly.

Eco Tourism and Saving the Environment: Wild Ark

The passion to save the planet is the catalyst for eco-tourism. It is important when you consider your next vacation that you also consider what is being done to protect the environment. This could be anything from recycling to providing safe areas for people to view life in the wild. For many conservationists the important distinction between tourist destinations that cater to “weekend” conservationists and hard-core conservationists is that the main purpose is to preserve nature in pristine condition.


The basic premise of Wild Ark is to both educate and preserve natural habitats for future generations. The team at Wild Ark does this by identifying green belts around the world that have a rich biodiversity. After identification, sometimes done by WWF, Wild Ark will secure a portion of the area to preserve and study. The broader implications is the fact that visitors become more aware of their surroundings.


One of the most popular ecotourism destinations is Costa Rica. The reason is that Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty. This natural beauty has been well protected. Rain forests and pristine beaches are the main attraction.


Reconnecting people with nature is one of the main goals of Wild Ark. Wild Ark adventures are mainly focused on Africa, specifically Botswana. The African continent still has many places that have not been overtaken by civilization. This makes it easier for conservationists to study native animals and plants.


When deciding on an eco-friendly destination it is important to understand what the organization is doing to sustain the environment. Educating ecologically conscious traveler about how they can help sustain the environment is only part of the total experience. You need to consider what the government is doing, what the resorts are doing and what methods they are using to practice sustainability. Learn more:


The Republic of Palau is a good example of government proactively working to protect its reefs from erosion and disease. Sustainable practices help keep Palau’s beaches clear of pollution.


What organizations like Wild Ark do is provide visitors opportunities to make a difference. The education they provide with their African adventures is priceless. Learn more:


Dick DeVos: ‘Working Man’

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr., also known as Dick DeVos, is an entrepreneur and businessman. He was born on October 21, 1955, in the city of Grand Rapid in Michigan. DeVos is the son of the well-known Richard DeVos, co-founder of the Amway Corporation.


“Working For A Living”

Dick DeVos was employed as the chief executive officer, (CEO), of the company between 1992 and 2003. Sources indicate he has worked for the family business since he was young. He was first officially employed by the Amway Corporation in 1974.


Dick DeVos was employed in numerous positions in different divisions including sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance and research and development. In 1984 he was promoted to the position of a corporate vice president. He was assigned several duties. His main responsibility was to supervise the company’s transactions in 18 countries worldwide.

He formally became the vice president of foreign operations in 1986. At that time, foreign sales made up roughly five percent of the business’ overall sales. He would hold that position for the next six years. Foreign sales had grown to represent 50 percent of the business’ annual sales.


“Do You Believe In Magic?”

Dick DeVos is apparently a “good sport”, too. The DeVos family purchased the National Basketball Association (NBA) sports franchise known as the Orlando Magic in 1991. DeVos was recruited to serve as both the team president and CEO.


Goodbye, Florida, Hello Amway & Alticor

He traded his positions with the Orlando Magic and returned to Amway in 1993. He, like his father before him, became the president of the corporation. He broadened the business’ operations to more than 50 territories and countries on six continents.


In 2000, DeVos revamped the business. He launched Alticor and some subsidiary companies as well. The process of restructuring took under two years and it was meant to result in a return to significant profitability and to avoid additional downsizing or even the potential closing of the company.


He and his sibling Doug were put in charge of creating new industry standards. They were also responsible for moving the business into international markets. In the summer of 2002, DeVos left that position.



DeVos next moved to a position with The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is a private investment management firm. DeVos took the reigns as the company president. The agency has holdings in technology, manufacturing, and other fields as well.


Visit to learn more.

Successful Traits that Entrepreneurs Like Todd Lubar Possess

There are specific personality traits attributed to being a successful entrepreneur that sets one apart in the cut-throat competitive business world.


Persistence is the key to a successful business venture and entrepreneurs need to cultivate this trait if they want to prosper. A prosperous entrepreneur gets to relish in their achievement because they were able to overcome obstacles and reach goals in ingenious ways.


Integrity is an essential trait that successful entrepreneurs must display in order to gain the trust of others especially customers and employees. They should engage in honest dealings and avoid negative controversies that may taint their reputation which may adversely affect their business.


Successful entrepreneurs wholly dedicate themselves in accomplishing their goals and finding solutions. The ability to stay focused while accomplishing tasks is essential for success in any business venture.


Optimal performance can only be achieved if an entrepreneur is strongly convicted and motivated towards their course. They must also ask the right questions that will steer their businesses forward.

Embrace failure as part of the progress

Failing is inevitable and successful entrepreneurs are not fazed by their failures, instead they use the opportunities to evaluate their mistakes, learn and adapt better in the business world. By making mistakes, successful entrepreneurs are able to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. They also take rejection positively and set out to perfect their skills that will grow their business.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a shrewd and prominent real estate entrepreneur who attributes his success to hard work. With a vast experience of over 20 years in real estate and mortgage banking, Todd is the president at TDL Global Ventures, an investment firm that provides loans to prospective homeowners. Todd also serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment.

Todd Lubar has a speech communication degree from Syracuse University. He is also greatly interested in innovative technology in real estate and speaks passionately about smart homes technology, see Todd aims to combine the innovative technology and his real estate expertise in advancing his presence in the lucrative real estate industry.

Visit his website,

Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Get Regular and Seamless Communication Services

One of the companies that have been able to make its mark in the correctional industry as soon as it entered the market is Securus Technologies. The company made its name in this highly competitive sphere due to rapid research and development as well as offering innovative products and services. Securus Technologies is known to invest millions into the correctional technology development, which is what has helped the firm to devise some of the most unusual yet highly effective products and services.


At the moment, Securus Technologies holds over 600 patents, but that figure is expected to rise in the days to come. The company ensures that its customers get high-quality products and services. It serves to more than 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies across North America, and more than 12 million customers use the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. The company for long has been dominating the correctional industry because it offers a broad range of products. Some of the most popular services provided by Securus Technologies are video services, video visitation, phone services, calling cards, money transfer service, and more.


Such services help the inmates to lead a normal life inside the prison as well while staying in contact with their loved ones. Not being able to keep in touch with the relatives and friends can often heightens the stress levels of inmates, but such communication opportunities keep stress at bay. And, as per some surveys, the inmate communication services also help in reducing the crime rate inside the prison. The investigative services offered by Securus Technologies are also very efficient, which is so many law enforcement agencies trust their services. It helps the law enforcement officials to work in a safe environment and ensure that criminals do not get an upper hand over them. Such services help tremendously in keeping communities safe.