Securus Technologies; Wireless Containment System Makes Lives Safer and Easier for Correctional officers

Even though technology has been a boon for the world, there are many instances when it has led to problems. But, it is not the technology itself, but the people who use it make it a boon or a bane. When used to connect with the loved ones or carry out tasks vital to one’s life, then technology makes it much easier and gets it done within minutes. But, there are also times when the technology is used by criminals to make threats to people or to hurt others. It is the time when the technology needs to be compressed or put away from the reach of those people. In prisons, the use of technology is banned. All inmates are barred from using any means of communications from the outside world. While most people think that just telling them this thing will work, most of the time it is not what happens.


Prisons have long banned anything other than the necessities for the inmates. But, they often find a way to smuggle different luxuries into the prison. Among the many items smuggled inside the prison, the top two are drugs and cell phones. These two are then used by gangs to create a gang within the walls of the prison and then carry out different activities that allow them to make money even while they are locked up. Even though prisons have tight securities, there are some ways in which these items are smuggled inside, and the only way to stop it is by using technology that would prevent them from using the cell phones. Securus Technologies have already identified this problem and have created a solution for this with the name of Wireless Containment System. The new system is already being tested and has shown excellent results that have sent a shockwave across the country.


Securus Technologies is known to provide communications services to hundreds of prisons and correctional facilities across the state. Over the years, they are also spending millions on building technology to help prevent the use of cell phones inside the prison. While it is not possible to conduct a thorough search for all the cells since it can be quite dangerous for the correctional officers, they have devised a technology that would prevent anyone with an illegal phone to make calls from inside the prison. Wireless Containment System is a closed system that has a network of its own. All calls have to connect to this network before they are connected to the commercial ones. Also, this system has been proved to be fool-proof, and the company has been updating the system regularly to ensure that the criminals are unable to hack it in any way.



In The Age Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is one of the middle ages’ most used siege engines, and was designed to collapse the walls of fortress’ and castles’ during invasion. There were two types of Trabuco’s developed throughout history. The traction Trabuco made use of man power to quickly pull the sling on one end of the weapon’s beam to launch the contents of the packing device on the other end.

The traction Trabuco was later replaced on the battlefield by the counterweight Trabuco which functioned essentially the same as the traction version of the weapon with it’s main difference consisting of the counterweight mechanism on the end which once held the man powered sling. This mechanism allowed the Trabuco to by fired from a lever, increasing the weapon’s range and functionality, and sending it soaring in popularity among armies of the age.


It is commonly believed that the traction Trabuco originally saw development in China during the time of the Mongol invasions according to Qiang Shen a Chinese commander is thought to have developed a traction based Trabuco independently, though this is protested by the fact that two Persian developers were contacted to help with the further development of Trabuco’s for the Chinese military, indicating a previous knowledge of the weapon and it’s functions according to The Traction Trabuco moved west with the Avars, a nomadic Russian people, and was introduced to the Mediterranean, Europe, France, and Spain through trading.

When the Trabuco made it’s way to the Middle East, the design was improved upon to create the counterweight version of the weapon. In Europe the Trabuco took the name of the Trebuchet and saw extensive use as a means of warfare during rival kingdom scrimmages. The Trabuco would also see deployment during the Crusades, and be used as one of the world’s first germ warfare weapons, as both sides lobbed the corpses of those inflicted with the plague at one another. In Spain, and Brazil, the weapon gained it’s most popular moniker, the Trabuco, and was commonly used in a primitive shotgun like manner and loaded with various projectiles that were fired at once. In Brazil today, shotguns and big bored guns still hold the street slang name of Trabuco thanks to this ancient and devastating weapon.

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Southridge Capital: Serving The Mid-Sized Firm With Excellence

From its inception, Southridge Capital has steadily grown its capital base. It has provided about $1.8billion in capital to American, Asian and Canadian, Australian and European firms. It has more than fifteen workers.

As part of its business strategies, it has collaborated with other firms, entered into an equity agreement with several other firms, and acquired some more firms. These strategies have propelled the company’s growth to become a leader in the field of investment advisory and management.

One of the firms that Southridge Capital owns is Petals, an artificial flowers marketing firm, acquired in 2004. It also acquired Double Alpha Group in 2006, a hedge fund management firm that uses quantitative trading techniques.

In 2017, Southridge Capital was selected by KNY Capital Group of New York to finance a business acquisition they were undertaking. Among the other firms that Southridge Capital has had equity agreements with are A5, an effective medicine production company; PureSafe Water Systems, a water purification company; and Adama Technologies, which specializes in removal of hazardous waste. For more details visit Crunchbase.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, Southridge is involved in charity work in America and abroad. The firm has two affiliate charitable organizations, the Daystar Foundation, and the Murray and Lois Hicks Charitable Foundation.

The two firms, whose operations are supervised by Stephen Hicks, work with charity organizations assisting needy citizens in America and other parts of the world. Check out scribd for more.

Some of the beneficiaries of their donations are Moncton Hospital Foundation, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lounsbury house and Save a Child’s Heart Foundation. By committing their funds and time, the firm hopes to better the lives of the people they have given donations.

Stephen Hicks believes that giving back to society is fulfilling. He sets a good example for other firms to do business while minding the welfare of needy people in the society.


The Adventures Of The Fagali’I Airport

The first time Fagali’I Airport opened its doors for business was in July 2002. At that time it was owned by both Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government. It closed in January 2005 because the government and nearby villages had issues with the noise. Many insiders think that was just an excuse on the part of the government and that in reality, it was just too expensive for them to operate both Faleolo International Airport and Fagali’l. In any case, a buyer began the process of buying the land in 2006. By 2008, the buyer still hadn’t completed the transaction, so PA decided to keep it.
PA started the work of reopening FA operations in February 2009. Since its 2005 closure, the grounds had become overgrown, with many weeds and trees needing to be taken out. They reopened Fagali’I airport with new services in July 2009. This time they were the sole owners and operators. Today Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways all operate their airlines at the airport. The airport’s International Air Transport Association code is FGI. Its International Civil Aviation Organization code is FGI.

The airport is located just two miles from the center of Apia, the capital of Samoa. For the convenience of tourists, a multiplicity of Taxis and buses are located at the terminal and can quickly take them to the anywhere in the city. The leaders of the company are pretty certain that Polynesian Airlines would have died if not for the founding of Fagali’l Airport. Prior to its second reopening, while it did make a profit, it was facing increasingly stiff competition from larger companies. After the land buyer backed out, the company runners decided they needed to save their company from eventual death by reopening FA.
According to, the original spot seemed truly advantageous because it offered tourists and excellent arrival point to the capital city. So, in fact, some of the leadership were actually happy when the sale to the land buyer fell through.


Securus Technologies, Keeping Everyone Safe and Sound

NBC Miami recently featured a story that highlights the dangers of contraband in correctional facilities. Robert Johnson, a retired corrections officer, sustained gunshot injuries from retaliation of a former inmate. For the last seven years, his mission is educating and consulting on wireless containment systems for contraband cellular devices. Operating like a small cell tower, the WCS cuts off calls before they’re able to be connected. The problem has escalated to include an infant being killed because of contraband cell phone communications from a correctional facility. Johnson is a consultant for top telecommunications service provider Securus Technologies, who provides and installs the WCS devices in the facilities.


The organization has been around since 1986 and is based in Texas. Serving over 3,000 entities and 1.2 million inmates, Securus Technologies is constantly evolving. They’re most known for providing phone service in corrections. Other services offered include video visitation, voicemail, messaging, and even financial services. Keeping families connected is the primary focus of Securus.


To stay ahead in technology, Securus Technologies acquired many companies throughout the years. The most recent acquisitions are GovPayNet and JPay. Both companies are in the financial services business. WCS technology is a product of JPay. While there haven’t been any official announcements, it’s believed that the companies plan to advance this technology and implement it across the country. Robert Johnson is so passionate about the topic, he’s lobbying to make the technology mandatory. To date, a rough estimate states that intercepted contraband communications are in the billions.


The company is also often given praise for its valuable monitoring services. The ability to uncover details that make prosecution much easier, and, in some cases possible; the company can provide invaluable information to officials. Monitoring employees also help keep them honest and behaving in an ethically sound manner. Both internal and external customers are appreciative of the added safety Securus Technologies’ provide.


Securus Technologies recently became accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB also gave Securus an “A+” rating. This is a great accomplishment, especially considering the nature of the business. Having an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating and resolving nearly 100 percent of inquiries within one contact are also great accomplishments. Keeping up with technology and connecting loved ones is what Securus stands for. They’re certainly a company to keep an eye out for in the future.

Todd Lubar Enjoys Helping People Follow Their Dreams

Todd Lubar has spent a good amount of time in the credit and finance industry, and there is a passion for helping people make their dreams come true that pushes him today. When he was questioned about how he got started with the business that he is undertaking now, he shared that he wanted to help people reach their dreams. He shared that he uses tested strategies to help people as they work toward their goals.

When Todd Lubar was questioned about whether or not he ever felt like giving up on the work that he was doing, he shared that he did feel that way in the beginning. He shared that he had to make himself keep going on and keep doing the work that he knew he was meant to do. He did not give up even when he felt like he wanted to do that.

According to Patch, there are tough decisions that every person has to make when they have a family and they are also working on running a business. Todd Lubar was questioned about a tough decision that he has had to make in recent days, and he mentioned that it is always difficult for him to choose to go on a business trip instead of spending time with his family. He makes the decisions that he needs to, though, to stay successful. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Todd Lubar works as the president of TDL Global Ventures. Todd dedicates himself to his job and the work that he does. He is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. He has spent many years working toward the position that he is in now.

Todd Lubar received his schooling from Syracuse University, majoring in Speech Communication. That education has helped him in the work that he does and the way that he presents himself to others as he works.

Increasing Conversion Rates with Ecommerce Personalization and Artificial Intelligence Marketing Campaigns

Today’s shoppers have been introduced to so many different innovative things online. Since retailers and manufacturers are constantly competing for sales, business owners and their marketing specialists are becoming more and more aggressive with the marketing strategies and tactics that they deploy. Because the latest trends in marketing to consumers consist of utilizing Ecommerce Personalization to increase their conversion rates, more and more business are paying close attention to what can be done with AI and eCommerce Personalization.

So, for those of you who are interested in how these marketing strategies work, here is some key information that addresses how a business owner and their representatives can take full advantage of many different possibilities, especially when it comes to developing an effective ecommerce personalization plan.

Usually, before any company designs and deploys this kind of plan, it is essential for them to know what these plans are and the associated benefits. In some situations, the design of these strategies may start with ensuring the company can provide the type of technologies that are needed to forecast sales opportunities for distinct individuals. This is where the topic ecommerce personalization and increasing conversion rates come in. Here’s a couple example of how these marketing campaigns that work.

Example #1 – Forecast Future Needs Based on Previous Purchases

First of all, every customer is unique so they usually have different needs and preferences. Based on these distinctions, the capability to look at past purchases is very instrumental in ecommerce personalization. This is especially true when the company can use this data to forecast what the individual will most likely buy in the near future. Having said that, this is one of the techniques that online companies can use to increase their conversion rates. For instance, if the average customer’s work shoes will need to be replaced every 6 months, a notification for these replacements should be sent to coincide with the next purchase of a brand new pair of work shoes.

Example #2 – Keep In Touch By Sending Notifications

Keep in touch with customers on a personal basis by sending out notifications. Some of the more important normally involve forwarding online discounts and freebies that can reduce the total amount in their online shopping cart. These notifications are great for ensuring the customer will become a loyal repeat customer for years to come.

These notifications will also help to solidify branding.

Securus Technologies Is Again Making History

Securus Technologies is a company that has been known for making history in the prison system. A few years ago, Securus Technologies shock the world when they were able to produce technology that made it possible for inmates to video chat with their family members. Securus Technologies has again shocked the world with their new technology called Wireless Containment Systems.


The Wireless Containment Systems program allows Securus Technologies to locate and disable cell phones illegally brought into prisons. Securus Technologies felt obligated to produce this technology after they heard so many stories about inmates engaging in criminal activity via the illegal cell phone they had in their possession. One story, in particular, dealt with a baby who was killed in the south after an inmate phoned an affiliate gang member telling him to commit the murder. After this incident, Securus Technologies devoted almost 24 months to develop this new technology.


Working now as the head consultant for Securus Technologies is Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson took this position after recovering from several gunshot wounds, which his received as a result of an inmate using a cell phone to orchestrate the attack. At a recent speaking engagement, Robert Johnson was promoting the Wireless Containment Systems program, and he explained to the crowd that traditional confiscation of cell phones is no longer good enough. This is due to the fact that there will always be at least 20 inmates in every prison illegally having a cell phone. Cell phones need to be shut down internally, and Robert Johnson concluding his statement by explaining how much he believes in this new technology.


Securus Technologies plans on stopping approximately 3 million illegal calls over the next two years. Securus Technologies is also planning on hiring more people to work on the Wireless Containment Systems program.


Peace, Equality, and Justice in Association with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There many groups that have come up to fight the injustices and oppression in the society. Philanthropic organizations are different and deal with varying aspects of injustice in the community. They are inspired to begin the groups by different incidences in their life.

They are fighting to achieve a world where everyone is treated with dignity and equality regardless of who they are. Some of the humanitarian groups in the nation include;

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund supports the philanthropic organizations that fight for human, civil and immigrants’ rights. The Group was formed by the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been well recognized for fighting for their legal battles.

They began the group with the $3.75 million that they got as apprehension settlement from the case of Sheriff Joe following the unlawful arrest he made. The duo published his evil deeds as their newspapers headline, which led to the arrest.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA Group is located in California. They work to ensure that the immigrants and their families are treated with dignity.

The 1986 act is what led to the foundation of the group. The act restricted the employees from hiring undocumented citizens. The act was, therefore, going to encourage abuse and exploitation of labor.

Every group has its strategy in implementing their policies. The CHIRLA Group uses the power of the crowd. This means that they empower the public by educating them.

After enlightening the society and having their support, this becomes their weapon. They go ahead and change the bad immigrant’s right policies and implement others.

The CHIRLA Group aims at ensuring that the immigrants are involved in the decision making in the state.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is in the leading line of the world’s human rights organizations. The foundation has been in this battle for more than 30 years. Over the years, well-wishers and supporters have assisted the staff in making the change that the world needs.

The Advocates for Human Rights objective is to create a uniform human rights platform and implement them.

The group also supports immigrants who may be lost and are looking for the humanitarian group to help them.

The foundation also researches on the individuals who are engaging in the violation of human rights and ensure they face the consequences.

The organization has made a significant change in the world.

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Groups Advocating for Civil, Human and Immigrants Rights

Several organizations are coming out to assist victims of discrimination acts like racial profiling. The primary objective of these teams is to fight for human, civil and migrants’ rights.

Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights

The coalition for humane immigrants’ rights was established in 1986 following the 1986 immigration reform and control act that made it illegal to hire an employee without proper documentation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The California based organization has become a leader in fighting for vulnerable individuals and families. Their main agenda is to have a community that is inclusive including immigrants.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The advocates for human rights was started in 1983. Its main agenda is to create comprehensive, long-lasting and inclusive change on local, regional and global human rights standard. It has been involved in investigating and representing refugees and immigrants who are seeking asylum.

It also equips groups that are working to protect human rights. The advocate for human rights even engages the policymakers and the public to push for legal modifications and sound policy for refugees and immigrants.

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

The American president John F Kennedy in 1963 requested for the formation of this non-profit and non-partisan organization. The organization is involved in fighting for civil rights with the aim of eradicating racial discrimination. Its primary objective is to fight for minority groups to get equal opportunity in the community. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

The committee also campaigns against activities that might lead to economic disparity and racial discrimination. Their other focus is to represent African American to get justice in cases of racial discrimination.

The other groups that the committee works to protect are the racial and ethnic minority; this team usually suffers economic disparity.

American Civil liberties Union

The American civil liberties union is a project focused on immigrants’ rights. They fight against both private and public discrimination against immigrants. The union has been on the frontline fighting for immigrants rights for the last 25 years.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael and Jim have funded migrant rights organization across Arizona with the money that came from their arrest. The two who are also the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times gave out $3.75 million settlement resulting from their detention.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested the two journalists after learning about the relationship between their notes on Sheriff about the grand jury proceedings.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had earlier made an effort to have first amendment rights implemented. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund have given the money to groups that fight for human, civil, and migrant rights. They also advocate for freedom of speech throughout Arizona and to the Mexican border.


What Investigative Journalism Website Front Page Confidential Has To Say About Untruthful Politicians

Back in 2007, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were working for the Phoenix New Times, an independent newspaper. They were both arrested one night for doing their jobs of reporting on the news. People working for other newspapers soon found out about this and soon newspapers across the United States were reporting on their arrests. This resulted in their release from jail and all charges against them being dropped. The real reason they were arrested was that they had often published negative stories about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and how he was consistently victimizing innocent people, especially people from the Hispanic Community. The sued and won a cash settlement that was nearly $4 million. The decided to use the money to set up a charitable organization called Frontera Fund. They say their fund can’t provide justice for the victims of Joe Arpaio and his ilk but on the other hand neither can the American justice system.

Since leaving the Phoenix New Times they have set up a new investigative journalism website called Front Page Confidential. They established this website in August 2017 and their goal is to expose untrustworthy politicians for what they are. They often target Joe Arpaio since he is running for one of Arizona’s US Senate seats in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. They also often report on Arizona’s Senator John McCain. They recently had a report published on Front Page Confidential about John McCain’s many sins, such as being a warmonger and opportunist. They point out that mainstream broadcasts feature people such as Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes basically fawning all over John McCain because he has revealed he has brain cancer. She continued the common theme that John McCain is some type of maverick even though he almost always votes strictly along Republican lines.